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Loud Management Presents: #ISupport Volume 3 – Sonick

by Miracle

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#ISupport Volume 1 (listen/download)

#ISupport Volume 2 (listen/download)

**Editor’s Note: The #ISupport movement was kicked off by none other than Milwaukee music scene taste-maker Heather Marie. She is a part of Loud Management (Bizal McLoud) and is faithfully at any and every local event possible with a smile on her face and nothing but love for all of the talented individuals in the 414. She took her dedication a step further last year when she launched the #ISupport mixtape series. It’s a collective of usually about 17 local artists handpicked by Heather to submit a song of their choosing. There is also usually an event to commemorate the release of each tape. The series will see it’s third volume dropping this month. This time around, The Illixer has been tapped as a sponsor for the upcoming project. Thus decided to conduct a campaign of sorts where each featured artist gives a little spiel about their definition of support along with details about their single that will appear on the tape. Enjoy!

Readers met Sonick back in October via a review of his EP, This Is Me. His submission for #ISupport Volume 3 is entitled “Heaven Or Hell.” It is the Milwaukee talent’s take on the Meek Mill record of the same name. Here is what was shared about the track: “The track is my version of Meek Mill’s ‘Heaven Or Hell’ and was hand picked by Heather Marie herself. The inspiration behind the track is actually depicted throughout it. It’s about my life before and during the beginning of my Rap career. Something I just wanted to breathe on and let out. Hope everyone enjoys the ride through ‘Sonick’s World.’ #Salute”

Sonick Defines Support As: “I think when it comes to music, support is being up on your favorite artists’ latest music. Listening to those artists’ music, watching videos, sharing links, keeping those artists’ names and music rotating wherever you are. Just being a loyal fan. That’s support to me and I think Heather Marie is a prime example of #SUPPORT.”

For more with Sonick, readers can follow him on Twitter or like his artist page on Facebook. The third entry in the #ISupport Volume 3 campaign will be up tomorrow. So don’t forget to return to the site to catch the next artist. -MinM

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