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Sonick – This Is Me (EP Review)

by Pooh Bailey

This Is Me (Front)(Photo By Sonick)

 This Is Me (preview)

Meet Sonick. Hailing from Milwaukee, Sonick is an up and coming rapper. After releasing his previous album UnderDawg, Sonick gives us his newest offering, This Is Me. First, this is more of an EP than an actual full length album. Second, I’m glad it’s only seven tracks because some rappers over stuff a project. And that can make an album go from great to mediocre real quick. Mainly produced by Bonafide, This Is Me is really good but doesn’t quite have that special memorable factor. Continue reading for a  track by track breakdown of the project.

“Sounds of the Truth” (Produced by Bonafide)

Sonick really goes hard on this track. He’s got a Pusha-T style with a Twista speed and that’s pretty damn dope. There was no need for a hook, though.

“As I Am” F/ Futro (Produced by Futro)

With Futro on the hook and the boards, “As I Am” sounds like an early Twista/Johnny P 90’s track. This track will have you repeating the hook, while trying to keep up with Sonick on the verse.

“Nuthin 2 Lose” F/ Nu Money (Produced by Staxx On Da Traxx)

This is one track that Sonick shouldn’t be so laid back on. I like how Nu Money was aggressive on the hook, just wish Sonick did the same. His flow is great but the emotion for this type of track wasn’t there.

“On Yo Body” F/ Phoneyxxx Flame (Produce by Bonafide)

First, I got to see if Phoneyxxx has any other work because she’s quite talented. Second, Sonick rode the beat quite nicely. This is probably my favorite song on this EP.

“Standing Ovation” (Produced by Bonafide)

This is such a stripper song and that’s a great thing. Bonafide came through on the boards. If you don’t at least bounce to the beat then you my friend are a square.

“The Rain” (Produced by Bonafide)

Sampling New Edition’s “Can You Stand The Rain,” Bonafide once again came through with the clutch. Sonick’s flow is as I mentioned before is dope but he could’ve came at this track a little different. The first and second verses, if you turn the beat off, sound like two totally different songs.

“Act Like U Know” (Produced by Elite Beatz)

Elite Beatz murdered the boards on this track and Sonick came through and committed homicide on the verses. If “On Yo Body’ wasn’t my favorite track, this track would most definitely be my favorite.

This Is Me, lets the listener get a peek inside of Sonick’s world. Is it worth the listen? Yes. But will you remember it later on? It’s hard to say. It’s a good EP, don’t get me wrong. But it’s missing a few tracks that would make it a certified standout from this artist and that artist. I’m sure Sonick will find that track and will be the talk of the town. I mean his flow is phenomenal and his producer selection is great.  He just, like many artists, needs something that gives him that edge above the rest. Whenever he does find it, I will be here to listen, as I’m sure it will be what greatness is made of. -Pooh Bailey

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Phoenyxx Flame November 19, 2014 - 6:03 pm

Wow! First off thank you so much for the compliment on the “On Yo Body” track! I didn’t even know the EP had been released yet! 😛
I have a few sneak previews of my debut mixtape on my reverbnation so if you’re interested you should definitely check it out, I rap too.

Much Love,


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