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2015 Top 5 New Artists: SMIF

by Pooh Bailey



Born and raised on the North-side of Milwaukee, SMIF grew up in the arts. Performing in school plays, playing in bands, and always the entertainment at family house parties; SMIF isn’t shy about being in front of any sized audience. While maturing as both a man and an artist, SMIF found himself expanding his knowledge of the business when he attended Madison Media Institute. There he graduated as an Audio Engineer complimented by a Music Technology & Recording Occupational Associates Degree in 2008. After working with several artists, releasing solo projects, and taking a break to build foundation around his family, SMIF is ready to get back to work.

Why should you listen?

SMIF isn’t like some of these other Milwaukee artists, who adopt different regions’ styles to seem unique. He is Milwaukee. While everyone is searching hard for those Atlanta sounding club bangers, SMIF is bringing that Milwaukee Trap music.  The best Trap music can make a conscious Rap fan bob their head. And let’s be honest, the Milwaukee Trap music scene needs a little boost. And I’m here to tell you, that is what SMIF is here to bring. -Pooh Bailey

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