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2015 Top 5 New Artists: FamousMuthafucka

by Pooh Bailey



Milwaukee based rapper and producer, FamousMuthaFucka (Or FamousMF for those who get their LPs from Wal-Mart) has been making a name for himself since 2013. Residing on the South-side of Milwaukee, with his home based studio FamousMF has been producing and engineering songs for himself and other U.N.O artists (Harris Mccloud and Loki Love). With his freshman project The Real Me Vs. The One You Know produced entirely by himself and with his latest rap battle status within The Art of War Battle League, his name has continued to grow. FamousMF is currently independent but being independent isn’t stopping him. FamousMF has three projects in the making which include: an EP with Lady Sabo, an U.N.O collaboration mixtape, and a solo EP which he will once again self produce with plans for release in early Winter or early Spring.

Why should you listen?

First, this isn’t FamousMF’s first time on the site. It’s his second. It actually was a funny coincidence. MinM, The Illixer Editor in Chief, and I both had chosen FamousMF at the same time. She chose him for a mixtape review and I chose him for this list. And here’s why he was chosen. FamousMF is what you get if you combine Pusha T and Schoolboy Q. That’s a cocaine flow with a brash delivery. And it works. Not only the flow but FamousMF can flip it on you if he chooses to. Which is pretty easy for him when he is the rapper, the producer, the photographer, the baker, and the candlestick maker. FamousMuthaFucka being a newbie and rapping better than most of the local talent, is more than enough reason for you to give him your attention. -Pooh Bailey

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