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Loud Management Presents: #ISupport Volume 3 – J-Killa

by Miracle

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#ISupport Volume 1 (listen/download)

#ISupport Volume 2 (listen/download)

J-Killa is a new name to the site. He is from North Chicago but resides right here in the good old Mil-Town. He is an independent talent that is also a part of two collectives: Wr3kGang and OTR.  He has seven years under his belt and was initially inspired to step into the world of Hip-Hop by his brother. He describes his style of music as versatile. He takes pride in being able to successfully create anything from a club based record to a slow jam to something a little more personal. Just depends on what hits him in the moment. He has love for all of his fellow artists and holds a strong belief that everyone has their own individual talents and stories to share with the world. He is currently in the midst of working on his third mixtape, F.T.R: F–k The Rest (Part 2).

The song he submitted for the #ISupport Volume 3 mixtape is entitled “I’m Faded.” Here is what he shared about the record: “The song ‘I’m Faded,’ the beat was off of YouTube. It was a Mike Will Made It type of beat. But the song is a club banger. I wanted to do something for the club because I really love doing club bangers. Especially when I perform the songs in the club and people be turnt up.”

J-Killa Defines Support As: “Support means to me that you have people who actually support you with your music. To the point that they can’t wait for you to drop your mixtape or do a show. They will support you 100% with your music with no problems at all.”

To get a feel for what J-Killa can do, readers can check out a wide range of his music via his Sound Cloud. So make sure to visit that link. Tomorrow is a new day, which means a new artist gets some campaign love. So be sure to return to the site as well. -MinM

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