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Vanessa Elisha – “21 Questions” (50 Cent Cover)

by Miracle

Print(Photos By Sound Cloud)

Our Australia darling Vanessa Elisha hasn’t been on the site since back in the Summertime. Therefore decided to share a little something she did to hold fans over until the release of her new EP in 2015. She decided to take a crack at covering a Hip-Hop oldie but goodie, “21 Questions” by the one and only 50 Cent. The cover is jointly produced by GXNXVS and Seywood.

The production here is much different from the original instrumental. It’s comprised of: a lush foundation, companionable supporting elements, a fluctuating tempo, and a smooth trendy vibe. It’s of an exceptional quality and has a real 90’s R&B tone to it. The hook takes a little from it’s predecessor done from the female perspective as well as adds a fresh new twist. It’s a dope spin with a pleasant execution. The verses are on point too. They consist of the introduction by 50 Cent and the outro done by the late Nate Dogg (R.I.P) from the initial version of the tune. Vanessa Elisha brings endearing harmonies to the classic lyrics as she gives the throwback love anthem her modern day flavor. Some lines worth revisiting are: “I just want to chill and twist the lye. Catch stunts in my 745. You drive me crazy, shorty I need to see you and feel you next to me. I’ll provide everything you need and I like your smile, I don’t want to see you cry. I got some questions to ask and I hope you can come up with the answers babe.” Those words right there definitely conjure up some fond memories. As a whole, this is a very likable cover.


**My Two Cents: This was a cute rendition. I am absolutely here for the production. All of the components work fabulously together and the overall sound is fly. Vanessa did her thing with the hook, intro, and outro as well. She gives us grown & sexy for the slower portions and a perky energy where things pick up a bit. I think 50 Cent would be very pleased. Just for kicks, check out the official video for the original selection below. -MinM

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