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Print(Photos By Sound Cloud)

Our Australia darling Vanessa Elisha hasn’t been on the site since back in the Summertime. Therefore decided to share a little something she did to hold fans over until the release of her new EP in 2015. She decided to take a crack at covering a Hip-Hop oldie but goodie, “21 Questions” by the one and only 50 Cent. The cover is jointly produced by GXNXVS and Seywood.

DSC_8136(Photo By Kal’L Gage)

Kal’L’s Top 8 Favorite Mainstream Collabs has come down to the final two entries. Seems like time just flew by, huh? And these entries may come as a bit of surprise as they aren’t the crooner’s typical R&B or Pop music flavors. Instead they are both Hip-Hop selections. And timeless selections at that. The number two entry is “Nothin’ But A G Thang” by legendary heavy hitters Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg.