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FamousMuthafucka – The Real Me Vs. The One You Know (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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FamousMuthafucka (U.N.O) is a Milwaukee based artist and producer. He just released his debut mixtape not too long ago. It’s entitled The Real Me Vs. The One You Know. It was produced entirely by the rapper himself with the exception of one track which was produced by Foxaz Beats. There are 16 tracks total and they include guest appearances from the likes of: Lady SabO, Big Fab, Son Em’ All, and a few others. There are also a couple of visuals in the mix as well which were done by Self Made and 40Mil. Continue reading to see how Famous’ first project ever went over with The Illixer.

“Divine Intervention”
This is the very first track on the mixtape. The production here is good. The low-set bass, foreboding background elements, casual rhythm, and dark vibe work favorably together. There is no hook placed on this cut. Which works out fine as the pacing is just right. The uninterrupted verse is quality. Famous exhibits a magnetic flow, vivid wordplay, and compelling rhymes. He provides a dark contrasting imagery compared to that which the title of the single typically represents. Observe as he spits: “Crazy and insane, the new American psycho. I’m the demon whose the reason that you’re screaming with your eyes closed. This warped perception of torture methods. All the evil s–t that I know. But with a meth injection, the death obsession is telling them to die slow. I got a glass heart and a cold shoulder. Bullets hit the body. They fall like toy soldiers. Middle finger to the world. Screaming f–k ’em all. Bring the world to darkness and watch me son ’em all.” Those are some seriously expressive bars right there. Overall, this is an attention grabbing way to kick off the tape. Readers can peep the visual for the single below.
“Breaking Down Walls” F/ Lady SabO
The production here is satisfactory. The subtle foundation, eclectic secondary components, mid-tempo gait, and down to earth vibe result in a legitimate mixture. The hook is on point. It’s a distorted sampling of soulful vocals with brief yet deep lyrics. The verses are valid. Famous takes the lead and Lady SabO follows suit. Both artists disperse rich flows, fitting wordplay, and first-class rhymes as they unleash the more daunting sides of their personalities on the listener. A handful of citable lines from Famous include: “Everything you do, somebody has already done did it. So I suggest you go pick a trend and run with it. Cause you ain’t saying much like a group full of dumb b—hes. Hip-Hop paradox, pull up with a pair of glocks. All you hear is dead silence after hearing shots. Few seconds go by. Then you start hearing cops. Make ya heart beat and stop. Mind blown like an acid trip or marijuana activist. Blow straight dope like cocaine mixed with cannabis. Too real for the tv. Tell them don’t bring them cameras in.” One has to appreciate the trendiness of those bars right there. All in all, this is a dope collaboration. Readers can peep the visual for the single here.
“R.I.P To The Old Me”
The production here is choice. It should be noted that it incorporates a sample of “Shape Of My Heart” by the legendary Sting. Additionally it contains: an eccentric infrastructure, versatile cadence, and mellow vibe. The hook is adequate. The delivery is straightforward and the lyrics are concise. There is only one verse on this selection. It is of a respectable quality. Famous serves up a distinct flow, conventional wordplay, and suitable rhymes. He shares some personal sentiments pertaining to life in an intriguing fashion. Some notable lines from his disclosure are: “They say life’s a b —h. But I love her to the death of me. Close friends turning into distant memories. Smoking on that loud. Presidential like a Kennedy. Top five alive, I guarantee you’re going to mention me. These blunts stay blowing. 50 questions with no answers yet. Damn you softer than a dinner with the candle lit. Going back to Cali. Feel like Big in Los Angeles. The future’s gone be televised. Tell ’em bring them cameras in. Exhale my regrets. I’m too blessed to be stressing. It’s funny how bad decisions come mixed with cruel intentions.” Those words have a likeable conversational tone to them. As a whole, this is a worthwhile offering.

**My Two Cents: FamousMuthafucka is a fresh artist. He has a dark twisted drug culture type of dynamic going for him. So he might not be for everybody but those with an open music palate will enjoy his music for sure. The Real Me Vs. The One You Know is a successful debut tape. The production is solid. The guest appearances are a little too frequent but top notch. And Famous supplies prime content. I certainly dig the collective and believe readers should give it a chance. So hit up Sound Cloud and make it happen. Don’t forget to check out the above video as well. -MinM

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