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The Movie Council – Kingsman: The Secret Service (Review)

by Miracle

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Kingsman: Secret Service is the latest edition in the line of motion pictures based off of a book or comic. It centers around the premise of an extremely hush-hush spy organization that recruits a kid off of the streets who seemingly has the potential to fit in amongst their members. The agency’s training program is highly competitive and the recruitment occurs just as a tech related threat comes into fruition. Find out how The Movie Council feels about the new Action/Adventure film after the break.

Directing: Matthew Vaughn is the director of this flick. He’s done movies such as X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass. So Kal’L had high hopes for the quality going into the theater. And he was not disappointed. He feels that Vaughn steps up the plate nicely on this one. He likes the variety of scenes as well as the special effects that were in play. Additionally, he respects the risks that he took. His fellow members are in agreeance.

Acting: Qewl Miles speaks on the acting. Though he admits to having low expectations at the start of the movie, he gives the cast their props. He believes that everyone does a fine job and carries the storyline adequately. Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, and Samuel L. Jackson are just a couple of the standouts for the 414 Hip-Hop head. So in the end, he gets won over. His fellow council members had nothing but pleasantries to report about the acting as well.

Writing: Rich P. digs into the writing. Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn are the responsible parties for the script on this one. Rich states that the screen play is pretty valid as a whole. He appreciates the current aspect of it along with the nod to classic spy entities that came before the film. And no one says anything to the contrary.

Negatives: There were no real bad points mentioned in relation to the film. The beginning is said to drag just a tad but otherwise the fellas have no complaints.

Final Opinions: All three gentlemen say go see the movie in theaters, hands down. They even go as far as to say it is their favorite film of the year thus far. Rich encourages viewers to buy it when it hits retailers too as an added bonus. And apparently he is pretty picky when it comes to purchasing films for the personal collection. So seems like this comic’s transition to the big screen was a huge hit. Check out the TMC review here.

**My Two Cents: The previews for this movie look awesome. So I had a lot of interest in this film before seeing the review. Now that I have watched the review, I want to see the flick even more. The guys just couldn’t say enough good things about it. And it impressed Qewl Miles who seems to be one of the tougher critics on the council (lol). So that says a lot about the motion picture. Readers should peep the webisode for sure. Also, don’t be afraid to leave a comment on the video and engage the council in a discussion. They’ll love it. -MinM

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