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The Movie Council – Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (Review)

by Miracle

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 Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is the follow up to the 2010 hit Comedy, Hot Tub Time Machine. The sequel sees one of the main characters, Lou, in a bit of a pickle. His friends decide to revive the time machine to go back to the past to try and help him fix things. However, they end up in the future instead which just leads to an even bigger mess. They end up having to find a way to alter the future in order to set everything back right again. The Movie Council caught all of the time traveling mania this past weekend. Continue reading to find out how it landed with them.

Directing: Kal’L opens up with a discussion on how Steve Pink measures up as the director of the film. He likes how Pink took the reigns on the first installment of the series. However, he states that the sequel is unfortunately missing a little something to give it the flair that it needs. His partner in crime Rich P. definitely is on the same page.

Acting: The cast here includes a lot of the same faces from the first film. Rob Corddry, Clark Duke, and Craig Robinson being two of the key actors as they once again take on the roles of their previous characters. This isn’t a saving grace for the flick though according to Kal. He believes that despite there being a few funny moments, that the overall tone of the motion picture is insincere. Rich is quick to concur.

Writing: Rich speaks to the writing. He feels like the storyline takes a huge random detour and not for the best. Said detour lasts for about 45 minutes and apparently it is never tied back to the initial premise in any way. Additionally, the guys feel like the plot here is a little too contrived. The key that sold the original film for them is the fact that the use of the hot tub as a time machine is a mere accident. For the sequel it is intentional and thus it doesn’t seem to have the same impact. So it sounds like the script is a bit of a mess. Yikes.

Negatives: This is one of those webisodes where the whole review kind of hits on the negatives. The lack of focus in the writing and the over acting are two of the major down sides to the movie. But the pair also state that this is one instance where the trailer gives away all of the good parts. So it’s like if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen all of the worthy parts of the film. The average promo for this picture is around two minutes. The comedy itself runs for 93 minutes. That’s about 91 minutes of filler, ouch.

Final Opinions: It’s pretty obvious as to how the duo is going to rank this one. It’s a no go for the theaters and Blu-Ray. If viewers just have to check it out, Kal recommends waiting for it to hit Netflix. So that’s a huge two thumbs down. If anyone has feelings to the contrary, the guys are very much so open to discussion. Readers can take a peek at their video here.

**My Two Cents: I caught the first Hot Tub Time Machine on a fluke. It was surprisingly funny. I actually liked it a lot. I was on the fence about the sequel though. And the guys have swayed me to just leave that one to chance as well (lol). The way that they describe the script is what kills it for me. I hate randomness with no purpose. They did a solid job with this review and I believe they are going to save people a lot of money and lost time. Props to them for taking a bullet for the people (haha). On another note if viewers/readers have any cinema related questions that they would like TMC to tackle, they are once again open to questions. Find out where to send in your inquiries by checking out the webisode. They could end up as part of a future special segment. -MinM

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