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$killz F/ Amerikas Addiction – “#FLEEK”

by Miracle

$killz AmerikasAddiction FleekArtWork(Photo By DJ Gino)

Site affiliate $killz has initiated a couple of new changes since his last feature. He is now a solo artist and he has officially joined the #DWYD artist crew. Other members of the crew include a talent by the name of K.E. and Amerikas Addiction of course. To commemorate these new ventures, the emcee has decided to release a new EP. It’s labeled Da Game Needs Me. There aren’t too many details available about the upcoming project as of yet but $killz has granted The Illixer the privilege of premiering it’s first leak. The song is a collaboration with Amerikas Addiction and is coined “#FLEEK.”

The producer for this track is PBeezy Beats. The production here is entrancing. The hearty bass, shadowy musical elements, crafty rhythm, and domineering vibe make for a flawless pairing. The hook is legit as well. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are noteworthy. The verses are of a top of the line quality. $killz wrecks the first half of the song and David Kelly murders the second half. Both artists come with mesmeric flows, innovative wordplay, and blazing rhymes. They breathe a new life into the social media lingo that actually makes it a desirable phrase. A handful of lofty lines from $killz are: “She don’t even speak English. But she do what she told. I don’t never let ’em talk back. You give me lip then you gone. I got one rule, respect the pimping. (…) Made a decision to go out and get it. Now I damn near make hits for a living. I’m so close they hating on me. Dare a n—a try to take it from me. Trained to go so that banger on me. No food fight but hella cake is on me.” The adeptness of those bars right there is highly respectable. All in all, this is an epic lead single.

**My Two Cents: I am digging this track a lot. $killz fits right in with the #DWYD brand. He and David Kelly have a seriously dope chemistry. They provide a nice balance of laid back and lively. The production is spot on too. PBeezy gave the duo some real heat to work with. And this is only the beginning. A video for the record is currently in the works. It is being directed by EsGee Films, thus it promises to be equally as fly as the single. Readers can like $killz Fan Page on Facebook (see above) so that they don’t miss out. But the site will be sure to cover the video for the people as well. So keep it locked. #DWYD -MinM

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