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BKnitts – WAVES (Album Review)

by Pooh Bailey

a1789453788_10(Photo By Sound Cloud)

The highly anticipated fifth album from Milwaukee native BKnitts is here. WAVES is a journey through his consciousness, struggles and triumphs as a man, and overall versatility as an artist. This is a really dope project from BKnitts. Unfortunately, this album is 14 songs too long. 26 tracks is way too many for an album. Honestly, BKnitts should’ve picked the best 12 or 13 tracks because that’s all he needed. You can actually easily point out the album fillers and what can standout on it’s own. Besides the album length, the vibe of this album lives up to it’s name. If your conscious had a soundtrack (well I know mine does), WAVES would be it.

What I like about this album is it’s consistency. Most rappers gives us themed albums and don’t stick to them. WAVES however, sticks to the topic. “Awake” (produced by GRIMM Doza) takes you through a mind of awareness. The tempo of the beat and BKnitts’s flow takes you through a journey like a tourist guide. “Holy Cow” F/ Cinco (produced by XXYYXX) shows BKnitts’ lyricism. Anyone can get off on a mid-tempo or a hard body beat, but most fail when the beat is slowed down. But not BKnitts on this track. My favorite track “Haterproof” (produced by Esta) goes hard. This reminds me of Eminem in 8 Mile at the end, when Eminem went hard at Free World. BKnitts went straight B-Rabbit when discussing his haters.

All in all besides it being too long, this is a really solid effort. Production wise this is one of the best of the year. Flow wise, BKnitts is pretty nice. However, when you have 26 tracks on one album, your material begins to thin out by track 15. Especially with a theme-induced album, the audience will become distracted and won’t finish the project. And as a rapper you begin to repeat yourself. BKnitts gets an A for effort though but he has to keep in mind that the attention span of today’s audience is short lived. So is WAVES really worth the bandwidth? Yes. After the first listen, I’m pretty sure you will eliminate the tracks you don’t want in order to make a great 12 track LP. As will I, to get the perfect WAVES/BKnitts experience. – Pooh Bailey

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