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Maryann -“Candler Road” (Bedroom Trap Cover)

by Miracle

unnamed (Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

The N-Crowd Entertainment‘s songstress Maryann decided to put her own twist on Childish Gambino‘s “Candler Road” with her owm Bedroom Trap cover. While it holds pieces of the original song, it really is it’s own unique record.

The remix is produce by N8 The Gr8 (under the alias SBΛCΞ it seems). He definitely added his spacey touch to the record which originally contains two parts (a trap feel and a synth laced tribal drum section). The rendition which houses a chorus as well as the feel and vocal sample play heavily off of that. N8 also adds a light piano or an organ melody with a whiny synth to create a pretty laid back R&B sound. His climbing computerized blips fit well with the rapid hi hats and mid sized kicks. Production does switch up towards the end for a youthful West Coast side and adds a set of Rap vocals that give the track a “bump n grind” feel.

Maryann keeps showing her growth as a vocalist. I love the fact that we get to hear her more than any Rap feature, and she handles her own. I enjoy the theme of love conquering all and how Maryann’s 90’s style R&B voice sings lines such as: “If you want you it, search and you gone find. And I got what you need and I’ll love you all the time. (…) My day one lover.” Its a jamming mix and I like it a little more than Gambino’s bi-polar version.

**Final Thoughts: Overall, Maryann once again proved why The N-Crowd family is making waves with tracks like this. It shined as professionally written, crafted, produced, and mastered. Plus, it competes with Childish Gambino’s version easily. But feel free to check out his version below for the sake of comparison. -Real McCoy

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