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Shle Berry – “So Far” (Video)

by Miracle

1896946_593449587400529_1143060253_n(Photo By Shle Berry)

“So Far” (listen/download)

Milwaukee artist Shle Berry bestowed her latest set of visuals upon the site not too long ago. It’s for her deeply personal single “So Far.” The record was produced by L.A. Chase. Additionally, the song incorporates a sample of “Won’t Stop” by emcee Childish Gambino. Specifically the vocals that are featured on the hook and sung by Danielle Haim. It also includes: a remote bass, gentle musical elements as well as instrumentation, an unhurried tempo, and a weighted vibe. It’s of grade A quality as a whole. The sampled vocals fit the selection perfectly. And Shle’s sincere flow and heavyhearted yet sterling rhymes round out everything just right. Overall, it’s a very gripping offering.

The video was done collaboratively by Shle herself and Roger Gonzales. It doesn’t contain a major storyline or concept. Instead the camera just follows Shle as she engages in a quiet walk. Her journey alternates between a snowy path in a wooded area and the sequestered road pictured above. She performs as she walks which kind of gives the impression that she’s thinking out loud. As the song was done to help her air out some mixed emotions she’s been dealing with, it is an extremely fitting set up. The fluctuation between black & white and color is exceptionally done too. It has a very clean and professional appearance. The visuals finish up with a lingering shot of Shle descending out of view before fading into a quick Twitter promo. All in all, this was a valuable video.

**My Two Cents: I’d have to say this is my favorite song/video from Shle Berry thus far. I respect her openness in the content and the single was superiorly composed in all aspects. The video was a gem too. I think it reflected the theme of the track graciously. If readers haven’t checked out any of Shle’s previous submissions before, they certainly need to take a moment and peep this one. -MinM

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