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D Lamar – “I See You”

by Miracle

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D Lamar is a well rounded artist from Oakland, California. He specializes in R&B and Hip-Hop but prides himself on being open to dabbling in any genre of music. He has been working closely with a producer from Florida who goes by the name of LRC. The two are working on a project that has been dubbed Death Of Me. It’s a concept album that will center around an artist who goes through a break up and then becomes obsessed with his ex. If that wasn’t exciting enough, aliens are also a part of the picture. Doesn’t get more outside of the box than that. D Lamar states that he looked to artists such as: Childish Gambino, R. Kelly, and Bon Iver for inspiration for the venture. That’s a nice little mix. At the moment, he is pushing two very different tracks for people to take in. One is a Pop style track called “The Turn Around” and it can be heard here. The other is called “I See You” and readers can dive into details regarding that track below.

The production for “I See You” is intriguing. It is made up of: an unobtrusive base, all-embracing secondary components, a mild tempo, and a laid-back vibe. The hook is respectable. The vocals are sophisticated and the lyrics are modest. The verses are adequate. D Lamar continues to supply poised harmonies and easy to follow lyrics. He throws a twist at the end of the track in the form of a brief rap. He has a quality flow and his bars are legitimate. He goes through the motions of an individual who has lost faith in love only to have it restored by a new object of affection. However, the final scenario indicates that old habits die hard. A few memorable lines from the tangled emotional tale include: “Blinded by her beauty. Blinded by her past. I never thought I could make a new love last. Never believe the stories about the greener grass. But I’d rather play with the love of my past. And like the future, I couldn’t see you. I couldn’t see how suddenly it could be you.” Those words right there make for an attractive opening. Overall, this is a likeable as well as creative selection.

**My Two Cents: D Lamar is definitely an artist in his own lane. The innovation in his music is very apparent and that’s a great look. “I See You” is a nice record. The production was diverse and fit D Lamar’s vocals completely. The content had a decent storytelling element to it and I enjoyed the twist at the end. It was unexpected. My only critique would be that D Lamar needs to beef up his lyrics a bit. He has very grand concepts and he needs to push his word play just a tad harder to get his lyrics to that same height. As a whole though, I dig the Cali crooner. Readers should give his music an ear for sure. -MinM

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