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Avid site supporter and 414 artist Sonick sent over a few of his newer tunes not too long ago. He gave The Illixer his blessing to select a single out of the bunch for review and the record that was chosen is dubbed “The Streetz.” It should be noted that this offering has not officially been released yet.

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16, that’s the age you couldn’t wait for, so that you could drive. 16 is how much you used to spend at the movies with your friends on a Saturday. 16 is also the number of women that Bill Cosby forcefully stuck his unwanted pudding pop in. That’s right, America’s favorite TV dad seemed to rape women on his days off. As the days go by, more accusers are coming forward. But you know who else is coming forward? People who have ton of excuses for Bill Cosby. Forgetting the fact that Bill has told them countless times about how he doesn’t like them. Or the fact that Bill really hasn’t even claimed innocence. I mean 16 people accusing you of a heinous crime, wouldn’t you cry foul? But this isn’t about Bill. This about the people protecting Bill by bashing the victims. Or what we like to call victim blaming. Victim blaming is a part of what many people are practicing called Rape Culture.

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D Lamar is a well rounded artist from Oakland, California. He specializes in R&B and Hip-Hop but prides himself on being open to dabbling in any genre of music. He has been working closely with a producer from Florida who goes by the name of LRC. The two are working on a project that has been dubbed Death Of Me. It’s a concept album that will center around an artist who goes through a break up and then becomes obsessed with his ex. If that wasn’t exciting enough, aliens are also a part of the picture. Doesn’t get more outside of the box than that. D Lamar states that he looked to artists such as: Childish Gambino, R. Kelly, and Bon Iver for inspiration for the venture. That’s a nice little mix. At the moment, he is pushing two very different tracks for people to take in. One is a Pop style track called “The Turn Around” and it can be heard here. The other is called “I See You” and readers can dive into details regarding that track below.

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The news of a movie in honor of late and beloved R&B singer Aaliyah should spark happiness amongst her supporters. However, the announcement is doing the exact opposite. Earlier this week it was unveiled that a decision had been made on who would take on the role of the diva and all hell broke loose. Disney star Zendaya Coleman was awarded the part and Lifetime is the network that will be heading the project. They have tentatively dubbed the endeavor Aaliyah: Princess of R&B. Much to the public’s dismay, Coleman beat out 11 plus hopefuls including singer/hostess Keshia Chanté and actress Lolita Price who bears a seriously uncanny resemblance to Ms. Haughton. Fans feel Coleman is too young and too green for the role and have reportedly gone so far as to start a petition to give her the boot.