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News: Eminem’s “Rap God” Lands In The Guinness World Records

by Miracle

Eminem-2014 - Copy(Photo By Google Images)

Though he’s admittedly nowhere near the height of success that he once was, Detroit veteran rapper Eminem is still managing to pull off an impressive feat or two from time to time. Most recently, the news hit the net that his 2013 smash hit “Rap God” (The Marshall Mathers LP 2) has set a new Guinness World Record. The single was acknowledged by the reference entity for having the most words ever used in a mega hit single.

The end count for the record topped out at 1,560 words in just a little over six minutes. Not a bad addition to Mr. Mathers’ other record setting moments. He was previously in the book for fastest selling rap album with The Marshall Mathers LP and for having the most likes on his Facebook Music Page topping out at a hair over 42 million. He is in some pretty good company too. Quite a few other rappers have found their way into the Guinness book off & on throughout the years. Icon Jay Z set the record for most debuts at number one on the US Album Chart by a rap artist with 11 debuts. The infamous Lil Wayne set the record for rapper with the most US Hot 100 hits with 64 chart toppers. The longest freestyle rap has gone to Aten Williams. His freestyle lasted for 17 hours and seven seconds. Talk about some serious rhyming. And longest freestyle rap by a team was once set by the KJ52 Freestyle Team. They went on for 12 hours and two minutes. Again, that is nothing to take lightly. And these are just a few examples. To explore additional records or to see if your fave has ever made the cut, readers can visit the official Guinness World Records site here. The latest edition of the long-running publication is scheduled to be released this week. Meanwhile in honor of the significant moment take a peek at the video for Eminem’s record setting tune below.

**My Two Cents: Not a major fan of Eminem’s latest works but I thought this was pretty neat. I didn’t realize that so many artists had Guinness World Records under their belts. That is a pretty interesting bit of info. Though some of the records are kind of frivolous. Congrats to Em on securing this one. “Rap God” is one of his better singles as of late. So it’s deserving of an accolade or two. -MinM

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