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Cold Medina – “Flowkim Noah”

by Miracle

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**Editor’s Note: Long time site faithful Rockz Solid expanded her writing game a while back to include blogging. She created a site titled A Female’s Perspective. She covers everything from reviews to poems to artist (paint, graffiti, etc) profiles. My personal favorites are her commentaries on various topics that pertain to women, the Hip-Hop culture, life, etc. Just like her music and everyday communication, her blog is very real and candid. Two qualities that make for dope reading. So it was only right to have her exercise her pen for the site. She shared her thoughts on “Flowkim Noah,” the latest solo effort by Cold Medina (Higher Education Records). Check it out below. -MinM

I’d really like to begin this review by saying the energy of this track, “Flowkim Noah,” is much appreciated. From the consistent simple yet modern instrumental by Moses to the direct, smooth, and thoughtful flow; the message was clear through this entire song.  The fact that this song had a message in the first place was enjoyable to say the least. In today’s genre of Hip-Hop we hear about the same subjects of “I’m the best emcee,” to “My flow is the dopest,” so to hear an anthem for interracial women was quite diverse.

The style Cold Medina spit was unswerving. This is an emcee that is obviously seasoned and skilled with his craft.  The confidence he delivered through every bar only further encourages listeners to tune in.  Hip-Hop lives through emcees such as this with his flavorful vocabulary he directed images through his entire track. I will definitely be staying connected with future projects from Higher Education and specifically from Cold Medina. -Rockz Solid

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