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Team WatzGud – Assemble (Mixtape Review)

by Pooh Bailey

a2319720697_2(Photo Courtesy Of Bandcamp)

Following up their 2014 mixtape Knockback City, Team WatzGud is back. This time around they’re offering us a project called Assemble. Assemble is a 13 track mixtape of pure ‘turnt’ music. I always liked TWG. They’re like a Mid-Western Migos with lyrics you can actually understand. Assemble is strictly for the Turn-Up crowd. It would be cool though if we got them to step out of their comfort area. But I understand. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Out of the collection of high energy tracks, here are a few of my favorites ….

“Get It” (produced by XXX)

This track is the perfect song when you are on your way to scoop up the homies to head to the bar. XXX did the thing on the boards. The flow on this track is dope. With this type of beat, most rappers spend the whole song trying to catch the beat. That’s not the case with TWG.

“Voodoo” (produced by Ric&Thadeus)

“Voodoo” is the track that reminds us why we love Team WatzGud. With a beat that is thumping, TWG attacks the track like a race horse in the Kentucky Derby. There is something so addictive about this track just like it’s namesake.


My favorite track on the mixtape. The beat. The flow. Everything about this track is superb. It will put you in the mind of D-12’s “Pimp Like Me” just way more tamed. This track has so much replay value.

So is Team WatzGud’s Assemble worth your bandwidth and coins? If you need a soundtrack to your Turn-Up weekends, then yes. This mixtape isn’t for the lyricism and J. Dilla influenced crowd. This is for the ‘my week at work was hell but I just got paid, so lets party’ crowd. All in all, Team WatzGud never disappoints. So go head and download for you, because I sure will download for me. Pimp’N. –Pooh Bailey

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