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Bull JR – “Schemin”

by Miracle

IMG_0721(Photo By Sound Cloud)

With his highly anticipated mixtape Body Bagz dropping just two days from now on Halloween, Bull JR (Higher Education Records) decided to share one last song off of the project for his supporters. It’s called “Schemin” and once again sees him teaming up with producer ID Labs. Check out The Illixer‘s take on the track after the break.

The production here is aces. The reserved structure, weightless supporting details, gradual tempo, and reflective vibe mesh graciously together. The hook is well formulated too. The delivery is tuneful and the lyrics have substance to them. The verses are absolute. Bull JR proffers a customized flow, nervy wordplay, and bona fide rhymes. He accounts for the reasoning behind his perseverance in regards to being victorious in the pursuit of his dream while at the same time calling others out for their less than gainful behaviors. Some lines to marinate over include: “Painting pictures, chasing dreams, building the Milwaukee scene. Four years strong but still nobody don’t know the team. So I gotta formulate that plot. Gotta get my young n—as off that block. Show ’em that that banging s–t really gotta stop. And it’s more to living life than selling weed and dealing rock. Whats your goals my n—a? Oh you got a pocket full of stones my n—a? You f–king all the hoes. Now you feeling like a pro. But you walk around looking like a crow my n—a.” Bull JR kept it all the way live with those bars right there. As a whole, this is a truly edifying final leak.
**My Two Cents: I believe this is one of Bull JR’s best singles to date. He adapted to the production quite nicely and the content has an inspiring purpose behind it. And he still managed to make sure that he added his own flair to the piece. If readers haven’t checked out any of his previous features, they need to hit the play button on this one for sure. Body Bagz is dropping on Halloween (this Friday) so be sure to follow Bull on Twitter (see above) to catch the tape when it hits the net. -MinM

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