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Stiz Grimey – “Lizzie Borden” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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Boston artist Stiz Grimey decided to treat his fans to a brand new single in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday. It’s called “Lizzie Borden” and it also includes a video component. Interesting fact time. Lizzie Borden is an American woman who was accused of committing axe murders back in 1892. Her father and step-mother were killed in the family’s hometown of Fall River, Massachusetts. Borden was tried and later acquitted of the crimes. She was held in prison during her trial and her case was a high profile one throughout the United States. Upon her acquittal, she oddly enough decided to remain in Fall River until her passing in 1927. A decision was made to not look for another suspect in the murder of her parents. Til this very day, there is still lots of speculation as to how the crimes actually went down. Readers can get more details on Lizzie’s story here.

The production here is banging. The bass heavy foundation, rich background details, stylish rhythm, and overcast vibe sync winningly together. The hook is a treasure too. It is actually a snippet of a nursery rhyme that was inspired by Lizzie’s case being recited. The verses are top of the line quality. Stiz Grimey presents a charismatic flow, vivid wordplay, and telling rhymes. He basically gives the listener an account of the Borden murders from his own twisted perspective. As a whole, this is an awesome conceptual track.
The video was once again done by Rose Glen Ent. The premise for the visual is relatively simple. It features Stiz Grimey sequestered in a black room with a lone light that provides just enough illumination to cover his form. He relays Lizzie’s narrative decked out in a blood splattered white t-shirt for most of the flick but he also dons a hoodie in another shot with blood covering his lower lip and chin. The highlight of the piece is the adorable yet disturbed looking little girl that is interlaced throughout the number. The offering wraps up with one last portrayal of the earlier mentioned haunting nursery rhyme. Overall, this is an excellent nod to the evil themed holiday.
**My Two Cents: It should be noted that Stiz took an interest in Lizzie’s situation because he lives close to where the murders took place. He went on a personalized tour of the house and researched the story before releasing the song & video. That is all pretty fascinating. I LOVE Halloween as well as any and all things Horror related. So this was right up my alley. I thoroughly enjoyed both the song & video equally. Stiz Grimey did a flawless job of bringing his own brand of creepy to the mix and putting a new spin on a century old case. Readers looking for a little Halloween spirit should definitely take a moment to check this out. -MinM

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