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Bull JR – Body Bagz (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Rising Milwaukee talent Bull JR (Higher Education Records) gave his supporters the best gift ever this past Halloween Friday (10/31) when he finally released his first full length mixtape Body Bagz. It contains a total of 16 tracks, one of which happens to be a bonus item. Several others were released during the promotional period for the tape. Readers can check out reviews for those selections above. Additionally, there are a wide range of talented producers on deck from Bull’s home team members like Original Vision to more widely known names such as Vybe Beatz. The tape is described as a compilation of witty punchlines, memorable hooks, and dope rhymes that will reel in any Hip-Hop fan. Peep the jump to see which tracks The Illixer feels help to validate that claim.

“Talk Trash”

This is the intro piece to the tape. The production here is intense. The hefty base, dramatic background elements, middling tempo, and aggressive vibe fuse strikingly together. There is no hook utilized on this track. The content is so engaging though that one isn’t needed at all. The lengthy versatile verse is pure heat. Bull JR doles out a savage flow, lively wordplay, and no-holds-barred rhymes. He opens up the project firing on all cylinders. Observe as he goes in: “I be on the grind. You n—as slower than some syrup. And y’all beneath my bars. I’m just saying n—a, word up. See me getting served, now that’s totally unheard of. Because I’m in the game getting clocked while you observe us. I’m riding around with my chauffeur. Just copped me some loafers. (…) I’m sick and tired of these posers. Man tell me how I’m supposed to maintain my spit game when these n—as crossing over?” Those are some beasty bars right there. Overall, this is a strong attention grabbing way to begin the tape. On another note, listeners should be sure not to pass over the second track just because it’s a skit. Bull himself offers up an unapologetic definition of the phrase ‘Body Bag’ that is not to be missed.

“Shot Caller”

This song is a remake of a single of the same title off of a DJ White Owl mixtape series. But Bull JR is quick to remind the listener that he is running the show and that Body Bagz is still where it’s at. For those who haven’t heard the original cut, the production is slick. It is comprised of: a trendy foundation, street savvy musical ingredients, a fetching rhythm, and a dope vibe. This is another track sans hook. But the freestyle structure of it makes that okay. The extended verse is on ten. Bull JR laces the beat with an earnest assorted flow, quick wordplay, and effective rhymes. He does an excellent job of asserting his dominance on the mic. Some lines worth putting on repeat are: “Shorty say she looking for a sponsor. Looking for a big whipping n—a in a Tonka. Excuse me miss but the flow is f–king bonkers. Telling n—as get at me dog like I’m from Yonkers. Honest, when you approach me be cautious. Cause I got the pebbles and that bezzle leave you nauseous. Saturn type flow. Ain’t nobody else on this. Astrovan with a blunt, homie that’s a star-ship.” One has to appreciate the finesse of those bars right there. All in all, this is a banging freestyle as well as a site favorite.

“Feelin’ Myself”

This record is produced by Original Vision. The production here is eccentric. The low level bass, quirky secondary components, lethargic pace, and nonchalant vibe match up favorably. The hook is solid. The delivery has a cool melody to it and the lyrics are diverting. The verses are pleasing. Bull JR employs a well rounded flow, dignified wordplay, and proficient rhymes. He puts on a display that will certainly justify his self-assured attitude to the ears of any listener. A handful of exceptional lines include: “Now I came straight from the bottom. I’m racing straight to the top. I’ve been from venue to venue and I’m just earning my props. But the streets ain’t watching because the block ain’t hot. So I set fire to s–t. Now n—a call the cops. Because I’m scorching the game. And then I’m picking the lock. And now I’m breaking this s–t since y’all was keeping it locked. I am the sickest of sick. I ain’t that easy to stop.” Those are some breezy as well as inventive bars right there. As a whole, this is another high grade offering on the project.

**My Two Cents: Body Bagz is an excellent debut from Bull JR. The production is superior. There are a lot of different sounds on this collective and they all fit Bull’s style well. Which also speaks a lot to his flexibility as an artist. The guest appearances are scarce but on point. Bull avoided the mistake of over saturating his first tape with popular names just to get attention. That’s always nice to witness. And the content itself is of grade A quality. The topics are distinct, they are presented in differing manners that appeal to multiple music tastes, and so on. He could’ve stepped it up just a tad on some of his more laid back cuts but overall Bull bodied his first run for sure. Readers need to hit that Audio Mack player like yesterday. -MinM

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