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Kidd 100 – “Flex”

by Miracle

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Readers say hello to Kidd 100 of Wise Owl Music Group (Bizal McLoud). The east side Milwaukee rapper considers himself the voice of the younger generation. His desire is to eliminate the tarnished reputation that has been plaguing the youth for some time now. His plan of action to carry out said goal centers around the usage of an energetic flow, fun hooks, and mild mannered music. To introduce him to the site, his management team recently sent over his latest single. It’s simply titled “Flex” and it was produced by Uno Ontha Beatz.

The production here is decent. The level base, spirited background elements, upbeat tempo, and carefree vibe work enjoyably together. The hook is respectable too. The delivery has some nice personality to it and the lyrics are entertaining. The verses are adequate. Kidd 100 exhibits a likeable flow, solid wordplay, and thorough rhymes. He gives the listener a commendable perspective on what the term ‘flex’ is all about. A sprinkling of noteworthy lines include: “K -i- dd be flexing. I don’t even need no muscle. I know a lot of young n—as that go and get it. Yeah they go and hustle for that duffel bag money, no 2 Chainz. (…) If the feds ask me questions then you know I’m team no talking. Just keep walking. Cause pops told me to be aware is to be alive.” Those are some streetwise bars right there. Overall, this is a fine effort.

**My Two Cents: This is a cool track. Kidd 100 has a nice flow about him and his bars are legit. The production was done suitably and fit the theme of the record well. I would suggest that Kidd use a little less melody/vocal effects when he spits though and go for something more straightforward. I think it would give him a stronger sound quality. And he could lace his bars with just a tad more flair. He has a very dope platform with the whole voice of the youth angle and his decision to not use profanity in his tunes. Just needs some minor tweaking here and there. He’s definitely worth checking out though. He has potential. If readers agree, they can discover more of his catalog here. -MinM

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