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Lew Sid – “Play Out In The Rain”

by Miracle

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Lew Sid is a new face to the site. He hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia. His moniker is a play on the word ‘lucid’ in reference to his radiant and easy going personality. He is a part of Aspire To Inspire (ATI) Music Group and is in fact their youngest member. He stepped into the world of Hip-Hop in his early teens, taking notes from artists such as Jay Z and Lupe Fiasco. He became known as a raw talent and real crowd-pleaser. His intention with his music is to share stories. Not just his own but those of the people with no voice as well. His pure lyrical abilities and versatile delivery are his tools of choice in carrying out his mission. The site received the latest work from the VA rapper earlier today. It’s coined “Play Out In The Rain” and is a part of a new segment he’s heading called The First and The Fifteenth. Back in October he decided to release new tunes on the first and fifteenth of every month.

This track makes for the third release in the song campaign. It was produced by Rich Kidd. The production here is polished. It is made up of: a full base, flattering supporting details, a casual tempo, and a mindful vibe. The hook is on point. It’s a clip of a set of subtle yet expressive vocals referencing the track’s title. The verses are of an excellent quality. Lew Sid utilizes an organic flow, picturesque wordplay, and reflective rhymes. He brings to light how a variety of everyday life experiences differ from childhood to adulthood. His purpose in doing so is to encourage anyone listening to hold on to their inner youth. An excerpt from his discourse includes: “You ain’t at work but you never really clocked out. Remember how they vowed failure to the dropouts. Damn, see many people wasn’t meant to lead. And everybody won’t succeed cause you tell ’em read. We used to have imaginations that would run wild. As you age they said you thinking like a young child. Nah, see the kid inside of you just never died. And theirs did. There’s a difference you should recognize. (…) Embrace pain. The struggle produce great things. For the seeds to blossom, baby it take rain.” The message in those bars right there is truly compelling. As a whole, this is a must hear record.

**My Two Cents: Lew Sid might have just made a new fan out of me. I love this single. The production is just right and the content is everything. I am all about embracing my inner child and approaching life with a free spirited nature whenever possible. Lew Sid himself has a clean style and his pen game is well established. Which is very impressive coming from a younger artist. Readers need to peep this offering asap and then visit his website (see above) to give an ear to the other releases in the aforementioned song movement. I will definitely be featuring Lew Sid on the site again in the near future. -MinM

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