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OneSelf – “Biting”

by Miracle

artworks-000091530072-mdnv91-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

When the site first started, readers were put on to an artist by the name of Kidd who was part of a collective called Music Done Right. He recently reached out with a new moniker and new tunes to go along with it. His new alias is OneSelf and his new music can be heard here. This review will take a look at one of the latest selections called, “Biting.”

The production here is valid. The customary bass, resonant background details, snazzy rhythm, and stern vibe fit together satisfyingly. The hook is interesting. It is comprised of a clip that contains unique vocals and eccentric lyrics. The verses are adequate. OneSelf disperses a colorful flow, quality wordplay, and enterprising rhymes. He does a noble job of reflecting the characteristics associated with the term in the title. A sprinkling of noticeable lines include: “Seem like everything done changed. But tell me what stay the same? If you can’t progress, you need a system check. (…) Don’t worry, I didn’t get offensive yet. Cause I ain’t start talking about b—hes yet. I’m trying to be cool. Lay low with a halo that I jacked from an angel.” Those opening lines definitely generate some curiosity for the rest of the track. Overall, this is a kosher offering.

**My Two Cents: It’s always nice to hear from artists that haven’t been featured on the site in a while as well as check out their new music. This is a cool cut. I really dig the production and the content is lively. The personality that OneSelf brings to the record really helps give it that likability factor. If the lyrics were just slightly more cohesive, it would take the track to the next level. All in all though, it’s worthy of a spin or two. Don’t forget to visit the links at the beginning of the post for more with the 414 spitter. -MinM

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