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Bull JR – “Higher Degree”

by Miracle

artworks-000072003834-c8b7a7-t500x500(Photo By Bull JR)

Bull JR (Higher Education Records) has cranked things up a notch in the campaign for his upcoming mixtape Body Bagz. He currently has a colorful single in rotation called “Higher Degree” which was produced by Original Vision.
The production here is whimsical. The eclectic groundwork, circus style musical elements, zesty pace, and enthusiastic vibe result in an amusing mixture. The hook is decent. The delivery is carefree and the lyrics are specific. There could have been a little more creativity utilized though. The verses are proficient. Bull JR presents an animated flow, quick wordplay, and official rhymes. He tells his story as an artist and explains his reason for being involved with the music game while at the same time challenging any rappers who dare to take the bait. A couple of lines of interest are: “See people have been warned of this problem that’s at hand. But I don’t think they comprehend or really understand. The being that you’re seeing that is walking across the land has held the game hostage til you’ll meet all my demands. I want this, that, uhm and everything expensive. And if you haven’t noticed, yes the list is real extensive. I’m trying to have it all not just a crumb or a piece. And I’m sick of having meals. Fam, I’m trying to have a feast.” Those bars right there are put together in a very snazzy manner. As a whole, this is a meritable record.
**My Two Cents: I am super glad to see Bull JR stepping it up. This single was fun yet pointed at the same time. The instrumental was very innovative and the content was fetching. I like the humor that Bull added at the beginning, middle, and end portions of the number. That element went well with the nature of the beat. Also, it was cool to hear a little bit of his background. He’s been dropping teasers on social media about the cover art and track-listing for Body Bagz which means the release date is getting closer. So be sure to stay on top of the provided links so that you don’t miss out. -MinM

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