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Dee Phr3sh – “Joules”

by Miracle

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In February of this year, readers were introduced to young Milwaukee talent Dee Phr3sh. A couple of days ago he sent over a submission which resulted in bittersweet sentiments. It’s always great to receive new music from dope artists but this particular effort is a tribute track. It’s called “Joules” and was done in memory of Dee Phr3sh’s cousin Julian who unfortunately passed away last Saturday.

The song was produced by Bizness Boi. The production here is quality. The balanced foundation, old school style musical details, mid-tempo pace, and emotional vibe make for a proper fit. The hook is noteworthy. The spoken & rapped deliveries coexist peacefully together. The lyrics are substantial. The verses are stirring. Dee Phr3sh doles out an intelligible flow, affecting wordplay, and personal reflective rhymes. He takes the listener through his outlook as it pertains to the loss of his loved one. A handful of lines that make an impact are: “Storm clouds in my eyes. Thunder strike in my mental. I’m in shock. Why couldn’t it be me dawg? My heart feel like an anchor but my soul is still in free fall. And we all dialing God’s number just to recall the good times. My mind was totaled by the crash and I wasn’t even in it, damn. (…) get me out this jam. And comfort me the best you can. If I see that n—a that was driving drunk, I’ll kill this man. I’m sorry you ain’t make it to Columbia. I’m fighting for you now. I know I can make it under ya.” The weight of those bars right there is serious. All in all, this was a gripping dedication.

**My Two Cents: On behalf of The Illixer team, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to Dee Phr3sh and his family. May Julian rest in paradise. May the rest of us think long and hard about getting behind the wheel after drinking. You never know who all might suffer as the result of a poor decision or lack of good judgement. In regards to this record, I think it was a wonderful way for Dee Phr3sh to remember his cousin and it was a privilege to be able to share it with readers. -MinM

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