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King Gamble F/ ItsYaBwoyyIsm – “0 To 100” (Remix)

by Miracle

artworks-000082029246-8jtlp2-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Brooklyn rapper King Gamble has resurfaced and he’s been pretty busy since the site last heard from him back in 2013. He’s headlined his first official fashion show, crafted some blueprints for an EP as well as a collaboration mixtape, and of course he got back to his remixing business. His return submission happens to be his take on Drake‘s “0 to 100” and he brought along his homie ItsYaBwoyyIsm for the ride.

The fellas decided to retain the original instrumental. Which as mentioned before is pretty dope. It has a serious nature to it but still manages to engage the ear at the same time. Additionally, there is no standalone hook on this track. The title is just occasionally fused into the verses. The verses are warranted. ItsYaBwoyyIsm takes the reigns first and King Gamble prevails over the second half of the song. The transition from one artist to the other is fittingly executed. Both rappers come with systematic flows, tasteful wordplay, and rhymes that get the job done. They convey the message very clearly that they are no strangers to getting it in, no matter the situation. A few lines worth citing from Gamble are: “You peeped the swag real quick. Come through, double stacks on the mill tip. You can catch me in the club popping pink things. Get the paper in and out the ring like I’m Don King. (…) I think I said that I’m the greatest on the first tape. Look to ya left, then ya right, now who nice as me? (…) Trying to take my punch lane like ya pen strong. I hate to tell you little n—as but you do it wrong. 0 to 100 off the rip though. We going to need ten of those for the six-four.” Those are some cogent bars right there. Overall, this was a stately rendition.

**My Two Cents: It was nice to hear from King Gamble again. He and ItsYaBwoyyIsm still know how to wreck a mic together. They did a fine job of putting their own twist on the widely popular cut. I liked it and it’s one of the better remixes that I’ve heard of the song. Looking forward to checking out the other new music that King Gamble has lined up via his upcoming projects. -MinM

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