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Bull JR – “O.G.”

by Miracle

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Bull JR has moved on to the next phase of the promotional efforts for his pending mixtape Body Bagz. “O.G.” is the new single that he is marketing to get people interested in the project. It is produced by ID Labs and features a very mellowed out version of the Higher Education Records talent. Get more details after the jump.
The production here is settling. It is made up of: a relaxed base, atmospheric background ingredients, a balmy tempo, and a fanciful vibe. The hook is appealing. The delivery is presented in a sing-song fashion and the lyrics are easy to recollect. The verses are complimentary. Bull JR utilizes a groomed flow, descriptive wordplay, and narrative rhymes. He basically takes the listener on a journey through the life of a marijuana enthusiast based on his own personal experiences. Some lines to be excited about include: “Take ya time when you coming off that first hit. Then pass. Keep the rotation on hit. (…) A potato on my couch my n—a. I never leave …. please. After a long day of smoking, it’s Flamings and nacho cheese. When I’m blowing on the loud man my mind toast. And everybody looking for me but I’m getting ghost. Because I’m keeping low key when I blow trees. Cause only real n—as get to smoke OG.” Those bars right there do an excellent job of emphasizing the theme of the selection. The song wraps up with a mirthful bridge that encourages a little Mary Jane indulgence. All in all, this is another jewel off of the upcoming Body Bagz collective.
**My Two Cents: This track is super nice. The beat is extra chill and the content has a certain draw to it. The listener can tell that Bull JR was very comfortable and in his element as it pertains to the subject matter. His fellow smokers will dig this cut without a doubt but it’s flexible enough where non-smokers can feel it too. Body Bagz is definitely shaping up to be a must hear project. Can’t wait to discover what Bull does next. -MinM

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