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Jovan – “Triple Threat”

by Miracle

TRIPLE-THREAT(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Chicago talent Jovan is back with new music. This time around she linked up with St. Louis producer O.S.D. to pay tribute to her three different crafts: film-making, photography, and rapping. The track has received positive feedback thus far and is described as supercharged and powerful. See if The Illixer agrees after the break.
The production here is picture-perfect. The hearty foundation, comprehensive secondary elements, fluent tempo, and dynamic vibe result in an ideal Hip-Hop/Rock mash-up. The hook is premium. The delivery is absorbing and the lyrics are rightly crafted. The verses are consummate. Jovan dishes out a varied flow, stout wordplay, and businesslike rhymes. She provides a well rounded scope of why all three aforementioned mediums hold such a significant place in her life. A handful of lines worth acknowledging are: “I’m one third filmmaker, photographer, emcee. Who I be’s, what I does, who I am, and what you see. Knock em out, K.O, cause I am the J-O-V-A-N who’s never playing. You know what I’m saying. Is that why I am popping inside of your conversations? Can’t deny that my goodies & rhymes overpower your hatred? Been waiting, but instead you take your time to contemplate what you want to say to my face but been doing this since ’08! (…) Don’t wanna be on the same team of the mainstream. Be on dream teams that ain’t really meant for me!” Those are some incisive bars right there. All in all, this is an ear catching record.
**My Two Cents: This was a good listen. I’m always here for a high quality Hip-Hop & Rock mash-up. And I love the fact that the content gives listeners an extensive understanding of who Jovan is and how she operates. She really stepped up to the plate for both the hook and verses. The production was excellent too. O.S.D. blended the two different genres flawlessly. No one sound overpowered the other. Everything was just nice and balanced. I believe readers should check this out and hear it for themselves though. So scroll up and hit that play button. -MinM

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