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“DarkSide” (preview)

“Timmy” F/ Boys Like Britain (listen/download)

It’s always nice to see new artists pop up on the scene. So without further ado, meet Stevie Luxx. Stevie Luxx is an eclectic rapper fresh to the game from right here in Milwaukee, WI and he’s repping for the 6-60-6 Klan. His music is described as a mixture of genres that includes: Trip Pop, Cloud Rap, Based Rap, and Underground. The song that got him on the site’s radar is called “DarkSide.” The production for the single is hot. It’s got a heavy infrastructure, sinister musical elements, a mid-tempo pace, and a vibe that is all business. The hook is pretty cool too. The delivery is creative and attention grabbing. The lyrics are quality and to the point. The verses are decent. Stevie Luxx exhibits an intriguing flow, cutting wordplay, and aggressive rhymes. With lines like: “Took ’em out with the scope. (…) Staying trill, getting paid, bad b—h with the braids. Making money all day cause I gotsta get paid. Homies blacked out. We rave in a rover for days;” he makes a hard hitting impression on the listener. As a whole, the song is pretty slick. Rumor has it that there may be a video for the record later on down the line. So that’s something to look forward to.

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Free Sample (listen/download)

It’s been a while since the site was graced with the presence of local Milwaukee faction BlackWorld Music Group. Thus decided to share their recent release which happens to be the video “Butterflies” by member Big Fab. It is a track off of his Free Sample project that was dropped last year. The single samples a record of the same name by hit R&B songstress Alicia Keys off of her Songs In A Minor LP. Producer and fellow group member B.u. takes the slow tempo piano driven original cut, fuses it with a smooth Hip-Hop foundation, and gives it an alluring rhythm. It’s an excellent rendition of the music. Big Fab steps way outside of his psychotic controversial character and pens a mellow tale of love & longing. It is a very refreshing change of pace. Overall, the fellas nailed this remix on all aspects. Alica Keys would be very impressed.

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 #WatzGud (listen/download)

Team WatzGud has been mentioned on the site a time or two before. And since they are steadily growing in popularity everyday, figured it was time to give readers a better feel for the Mid-West unit. The collective is holding it down for both Milwaukee, WI and Detroit, MI. The membership consists of: Sterling, K, eR, Dolo, and Fox. The group’s style can be described as a very unique brand of Hip-Hop, Club, and R&B. They launched their career in 2010 and have been going hard ever since. Partaking in everything from shutting down shows to writing jingles, the fellas have accomplished a lot in just a short amount of time. And they plan to keep the momentum going for many years to come. One of their biggest achievements this year, was the release of their mixtape, #WatzGud. The 14 track effort features catchy party anthems and guest appearances by beloved local artists such as Boys Like Britain and Lady SabO. Discover a few of the reasons why the tape has received so much acclaim after the break.

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“4am” F/ Boys Like Britain (preview)

So there was a surprise addition to Collaboration Month. Kal’L wanted to reward the artist who took the time to seriously promote their track. So he watched each track within the first 48 hours of its release and noted the number of plays it received. He kept this under wraps so that the promo would be genuine and not just for sport. The winning artist gets to co-host the big mixtape release party with Kal’L and gets a chance to perform as well. What a wonderful treat for the lucky winner. Said winner happens to be … Boys Like Britain of BlackWorld Music Group. She generated over 300 plays her first 48 hours out and to date has reached the 600 mark. So what did she bring to the table that everyone wanted to hear? Find out after the jump.

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The homies over at BlackWorld Music Group set forth a video earlier this month that causes a mixed reaction of admiration and fear. It’s for a track called “That’s Crazy.” The track was produced by B.u. and also boasts him as an artist along with his long time partner in crime, Big Fab. It is a menacing cut complete with chilling sound effects and twisted content. See just how disturbing things got when the two teamed up with a small group  of acquaintances to put some visuals behind their creepy tune.