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Introducing New Artist Stevie Luxx

by Miracle

artworks-000072495114-oxjwhu-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“DarkSide” (preview)

“Timmy” F/ Boys Like Britain (listen/download)

It’s always nice to see new artists pop up on the scene. So without further ado, meet Stevie Luxx. Stevie Luxx is an eclectic rapper fresh to the game from right here in Milwaukee, WI and he’s repping for the 6-60-6 Klan. His music is described as a mixture of genres that includes: Trip Pop, Cloud Rap, Based Rap, and Underground. The song that got him on the site’s radar is called “DarkSide.” The production for the single is hot. It’s got a heavy infrastructure, sinister musical elements, a mid-tempo pace, and a vibe that is all business. The hook is pretty cool too. The delivery is creative and attention grabbing. The lyrics are quality and to the point. The verses are decent. Stevie Luxx exhibits an intriguing flow, cutting wordplay, and aggressive rhymes. With lines like: “Took ’em out with the scope. (…) Staying trill, getting paid, bad b—h with the braids. Making money all day cause I gotsta get paid. Homies blacked out. We rave in a rover for days;” he makes a hard hitting impression on the listener. As a whole, the song is pretty slick. Rumor has it that there may be a video for the record later on down the line. So that’s something to look forward to.

Another song that stands out from Stevie Luxx’s recently bred catalog is entitled “Timmy.” It contains a guest appearance from the infamous Boys Like Britain and was produced by the one and only 40 Mil. The beat is flame of course with: a strong ill bass-line, suave background components, an exaggerated rhythm, and a head nodding vibe. The hook is superior as well. The delivery is catchy and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are adequate. Stevie takes on the first and last portions of the song and BLB jumps in on the middle portion. Both artists utilize low key flows, commendable wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. They do a good job of demonstrating the breezy swagged out sides of their personas. Overall, the single is enjoyable.

**My Two Cents: Stevie Luxx brings something a little different to the mix but I dig it. He has a favorable style to him. His flow is good and his rhymes are fair. I think with a little polishing to make his words a bit more clear and to add some pizzazz to his bars, he could become a real contender in this game. He’s off to a satisfying start. Be sure to like his Facebook Page (see above) to stay current with future: music, videos, news, updates, etc. Welcome to the 414 music scene Stevie Luxx! -MinM

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