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Maryann – “You And Me” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

YouandMeCoverArt(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

“You And Me” (preview)

Maryann (The N-Crowd Entertainment) has been dropping tracks left and right these past few weeks. Her latest effort is called “You And Me.” The single will be featured on her upcoming project Futuristic Always and she also released a set of visuals for the track. The song was produced by N8 The Gr8. The production here is serene. The subtle base, expressive secondary components, conservative tempo, and mild vibe work effortlessly together. The hook is concise. The delivery is low profile and the lyrics are lucid. The verses are likeable. Maryann administers soft vocals and candied lyrics. She speaks in great detail on the fondness that she has for her significant other. A couple of lines worth soaking up are: “Take your time. Let it be. Enjoy your essence surrounding me. Back and forth. You and me. Slow love. Let’s (…) love and make it all it could be. High and low. Emotion of the sea. Came to the surface and baby now I can’t breathe. (…) Do everything. Love since I found you I finally feel complete. All the things I never did before got me feeling like I never lived before. So I’m feeling how could you ever ask for more.” Those are some very doting words right there. Overall, this is a fetching selection.

The video for the cut was directed by N8 The Gr8 and Maryann worked her editing magic. Things get underway with Maryann dragging a long box to a field of grass. It is eventually revealed that there is a tent inside of the box. In the scenes that follow, the Cali diva proceeds to work on getting the tent put together. It is no easy task as it is quite large in size. By the time the tent is all set and ready to go, night has fallen. So Maryann grabs a flashlight and proceeds to place some music equipment inside of the structure. Once everything is in position she steps out to get a fire going. From there, she turns on the equipment and begins to perform. A chair can be seen just in front of her and suddenly she is joined by an unidentified male. He takes a seat and enjoys the show. The remainder of the flick centers around Maryann’s intimate concert for one. She’s all dolled up in a sexy number and there are some really awesome silhouette shots displayed from outside of the tent. The piece concludes with Maryann and her boo sharing a toast in front of the earlier mentioned fire. All in all, this was a special video.

**My Two Cents: I think this is my new favorite song/video from Maryann. The song is perfect for zoning out to and just kicking back with your better half. Additionally, the video was cute. I loved the concept. Futuristic Always drops on the 28th of this month. So readers should be sure to keep up with the provided links to guaranty that they don’t miss out. Of course, it will be reviewed on the site too. Much love to Maryann and her team for all of the hard work they’ve been putting in lately. -MinM

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