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Collaboration Month Listener’s Choice: Kal’L F/ Boys Like Britain – “4am”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“4am” F/ Boys Like Britain (preview)

So there was a surprise addition to Collaboration Month. Kal’L wanted to reward the artist who took the time to seriously promote their track. So he watched each track within the first 48 hours of its release and noted the number of plays it received. He kept this under wraps so that the promo would be genuine and not just for sport. The winning artist gets to co-host the big mixtape release party with Kal’L and gets a chance to perform as well. What a wonderful treat for the lucky winner. Said winner happens to be … Boys Like Britain of BlackWorld Music Group. She generated over 300 plays her first 48 hours out and to date has reached the 600 mark. So what did she bring to the table that everyone wanted to hear? Find out after the jump.

For his joint venture with BLB, Kal’L decided to propel them both out of their comfort zones. So he wrote a Pop style track that got placed with a House / Techno style beat and the rest is history. Though unconventional, the production here is quality.  It’s got an effervescent feel to it with a super contagious rhythm. The hook is accomplished. The vocals are unique and the lyrics have a certain draw to them. The verses are provocative. Kal’L kicks off the tale of a guy who finds out that the woman in his life is tired of their superficial relationship and wants something more. He brings vocals and engrossing lyrics. He also performs the final verse.

BLB adds the female perspective to the story on the second verse. She delivers pleasantly blended harmonies and convincingly sells the lyrics. A couple of catchy lines are: “I started wondering about it all. About my wedding and reception hall. So when you called me I ignored your call. But then I called you back to tell you that things have changed.” Quite the revelation going on right there. Overall, this was a collaboration like none other and it turned out agreeably.

**My Two Cents: This was a fun number. The beat induces a fist pumping glow stick type of mood. The content holds a great narrative. Kal’L and BLB really impressed for it to be the first time for either of them to do this kind of music. It was a risky venture but it worked out in their favor. Not hard to understand why BLB was able to win over so many ears with her promotion. Major congrats to her and Kal’L on the success of their song. -MinM

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