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Team WatzGud – #WatzGud (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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 #WatzGud (listen/download)

Team WatzGud has been mentioned on the site a time or two before. And since they are steadily growing in popularity everyday, figured it was time to give readers a better feel for the Mid-West unit. The collective is holding it down for both Milwaukee, WI and Detroit, MI. The membership consists of: Sterling, K, eR, Dolo, and Fox. The group’s style can be described as a very unique brand of Hip-Hop, Club, and R&B. They launched their career in 2010 and have been going hard ever since. Partaking in everything from shutting down shows to writing jingles, the fellas have accomplished a lot in just a short amount of time. And they plan to keep the momentum going for many years to come. One of their biggest achievements this year, was the release of their mixtape, #WatzGud. The 14 track effort features catchy party anthems and guest appearances by beloved local artists such as Boys Like Britain and Lady SabO. Discover a few of the reasons why the tape has received so much acclaim after the break.

“That Bass”

The production here is fire.  It contains: a dominating bass, a fetching rhythm, and a hood vibe. The hook is superior. The delivery is catchy and the lyrics stick with the listener. The verses are premium. The flows are pertinent, the wordplay is canny, and the rhymes are well put together. The fellas do a compelling job of establishing themselves and setting the standard for the rest of the project. A handful of lines worth taking note of are: “eR’s home. Mothaf—as ask me. Speak my name wrong little b–ch and that’s a tragedy. Had to leave college. They ain’t have enough class for me. Them b–ches start scrapping just to see who shake they a** for me.” Boss bars being spit in those lines. Overall, this song is a banger and the favorite off of the tape.

“Charlie Sheen”

The production here is decent. It is made up of: a light foundation, subtle background components, and a lenient vibe. The hook is kosher. The delivery is entertaining and the lyrics are incomplex. The verses are favorable. The guys come with inviting flows, whimsical wordplay, and spirited rhymes. They define their version of winning in vibrant details. A few lines worth observing are: “Okay I go hard, Viagra. That’s yo b–ch but I take her. She want to come ride with the team and blow all this paper. Turned up, my weed loud. Spaced out, I’m in the clouds. So high up in the sky. I don’t think that I’m coming down.” Sharp spitting being demonstrated right there. In the end, this song is worthy of a play or two.


The production here is sick. The weighty core, upbeat tempo, and animated vibe all coincide efficiently together. The hook is fair. The delivery is crisp and the lyrics are fine. The verses are good. The flows are charismatic and the rhymes are consistent. The group breaks down how they like to live it up and have a diverting time. Some lines that made an impression include: “We just took two shots up in this b–ch. Then cool lets do four now. Oh you with yo man? Tell him you rocking with a pro now. Flow so hot, carry water with me, sonar. Don’t wait for the bar. We taking over n—a, bogart. I suggest you just be cool, for my team here, we pull yo hoe card.” Estimable example of  skills reflected in those words. All in all, this was a rewarding effort.

**My Two Cents: The energy and personality that Team WatzGud brings to their music is what makes it such a hit amongst fans. They have such a presence that it is hard not to rock with their tracks. #WatzGud is a modest mixtape. The content is fulfilling and the production is top of the line. The only critique would be that the fellas should dig a little deeper and try to switch up their topics a bit more. Otherwise, no complaints. Readers should give the tape a try and formulate their own opinions though. Also, be sure to peep the Team WatzGud website to experience more of the eccentric squad. -MinM

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