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Critta – “In My Head” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Facebook)

Bass Head Music and their Deep6ix Music Inc. company have added some new faces to their roster. One of those new faces is rapper Critta. Readers may recognize the name from the Halloween track he did with the group back in October. To spread the word about the new addition, the gang is promoting a single / video from Critta’s debut album, Clouded Judgement. The selected single is, “In My Head.” The song has a hardcore beat to it and sinister yet swell content. Check out how that translated into a video after the break.


This flick was directed and edited by David Busse. The video opens with shots of Critta in a cluttered abandoned building. The interesting aspect about the opening is that it shows Critta in two roles. One character is rocking a dark hoodie and holding a knife. The other character is all taped. up. From there, the version of Critta that is sporting the hoodie goes out and attacks a young guy who makes the mistake of walking through a deserted area alone. He appears to toss him in the trunk of a car and ultimately drags him into the earlier mentioned building. He goes on to stab his victim to death. During this time, the taped up Critta falls over in his chair. He eventually stands up, and is now the one holding the bloody knife with blood stains all over his shirt. Trippy, right? The video ends with him throwing the knife away and walking off. All in all, this was a peculiar yet legit watch.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a dope song and video. The track is just a winner from beginning to end. The visuals really capture and maintain one’s attention. A congrats to Critta on joining the Bass Head Music / Deep6ix family. He makes a worthy addition. For more with the up-and-coming artist, be sure to visit some of the provided links. -MinM

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