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Big Fab – “Psycho” (Video)

by Miracle

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Free Sample (listen/download)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word psychopath as: a mentally ill or unstable person; especially a person affected with anti-social personality disorder who engages in deranged behavior. But the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene defines the term as Big Fab of BlackWorld Music Group. He’s earned the reputation via his insane energy and antics during his live performances. And now he has fully embraced the persona and taken it to a whole new level in his debut video for his song entitled “Psycho.” Check out the madness below.


The song itself is featured on Fab’s premiere project Free Sample. It was produced by Tha Crown and has a quirky Rock element to it. The visuals were a collaborative effort between the infamous Steve White and Boys Like Britain. BLB is also a part of BlackWorld Music Group. She served as the director for this piece and Steve White handled the editing. The flick opens with a bloody Fab having a heart to heart with his significant other. When she doesn’t respond the way he expects her to, things get a little weird. Like Fab chilling in his underwear playing with a knife type weird. Yes, he really went there. The theme for the video pretty much centers around bizarre happenings such as that one. The project concludes with a collection of scenes that feature spastic movements, odd special effects, and more blood. Overall, this was a one of a kind watch. There is nothing else out like this now and there probably won’t be in the future either.

**My Two Cents: It took a lot of guts for Fab and company to put this video together. The track is super edgy and the concept is pretty far out too. Plus, Fab allowed himself to be exposed in a very intimate way. Not too many rappers are going to be willing to run around in their underwear. BLB is to thank for that lovely scenario by the way.  The song is just fair to me but I really liked the video. It was daring and different. Which are both part of the key elements that make BlackWorld Music Group so great. Be sure to hit up Reverb Nation and peep Free Sample if you haven’t heard it already. -MinM

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