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1280457_10201419858072694_1291703183_n(Pictured Above: Blaqlizt Entertainment CEO X’antony Brookens & Photographer Steve White)

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Earlier this year, Milwaukee based camera talent Steve White was given the opportunity to show off his incredible photography work with his own gallery showcase. The prestigious event was held in a ballroom at the Intercontinental Hotel. It was gracefully decorated and complete with a choicely catered spread. The art on display was the variety of amazing photographs that Steve has taken nationwide. There were some of his infamous outdoor spreads featuring beautiful vixens, his memorable & adorable children’s shots, and pieces influenced by the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene culture too.

kia 12(Photo By Steve White)

“Getting To The Money” (listen/download)

Kia Rap Princess has found herself with another runaway hit on her hands. Her track “Getting To The Money” which features her partner in crime Remedy Da Kure has taken on a life of it’s own over the last month or so. The record was produced by Blaqlizt producer Marxmill and is a street savvy anthem for sure. The infectious musical components combined with Remedy’s unique style and Kia’s cool breeze approach were destined to make some kind of impact on listeners. The ladies were so amped about the track’s success they they got together with a healthy number of their supporters for a very entertaining video, check it out after the break.

artworks-000043571001-jdzia8-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“See Me Fall” (listen/download)

New artist alert. Readers meet Young Renz. Young Renz is a 21 year old talent from right here in the Mil-town. He officially stepped into the music world back in 2012 with his debut project, The Acceptance Letter.  He is passionate about his craft and about making a change in the world. So his goal with his music is to do just that. Through his drive and witty style Young Renz plans to leave a stamp on the world of Hip-Hop for people to remember him by for years to come. Currently, he is working on adding a sophomore release to his catalog labeled, City Of Dreams. The offering will be out later this year. However, two weeks ago Renz dropped a brief but banging single to whet his supporters’ appetites. The song is “See Me Fall” and it was produced by Elusive Orkestra.

JayR_Da_Prince_Nia_Monet_Dare_2b_Different-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

Dare 2B Different (listen/download)

Quimby is an artist fresh on the scene who came to The Illixer‘s attention via the buzz he’s been creating. He has a couple of fans who highly recommended him for the site and he also stood out in the mega collaboration track put together by camera talent Steve White, “6th Man.” Quimby’s initial foray into music took place amongst his peers and was something he did  just for fun. However, he got a taste of what he could do once he buckled down and got serious via a project he did with another local talent, Ted Jones. Their collaboration was titled The Fix – Volume 1. The effort got enough of a positive response that it motivated Quimby to forge ahead with music and drop his own debut mixtape, Dare 2B Different. With Dare 2B Different, Quimby is hoping that people will take note of his flexible style and one of a kind rhymes. He prides himself on having love for the 414 and the city definitely seems to share the sentiment. Continue reading beyond the break for a few songs that stuck with the site after listening to Quimby’s premiere.

480946_10152482402570014_651492023_n(Photo By Steve White)

Videographer Steve White has released his second model promotional video. This time around, he only worked with one pretty lady though. The model he helped shed some spotlight on goes by the name of Drea Rose. Find out what happened when the two came together below.