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Quimby – Dare 2B Different (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Dare 2B Different (listen/download)

Quimby is an artist fresh on the scene who came to The Illixer‘s attention via the buzz he’s been creating. He has a couple of fans who highly recommended him for the site and he also stood out in the mega collaboration track put together by camera talent Steve White, “6th Man.” Quimby’s initial foray into music took place amongst his peers and was something he did  just for fun. However, he got a taste of what he could do once he buckled down and got serious via a project he did with another local talent, Ted Jones. Their collaboration was titled The Fix – Volume 1. The effort got enough of a positive response that it motivated Quimby to forge ahead with music and drop his own debut mixtape, Dare 2B Different. With Dare 2B Different, Quimby is hoping that people will take note of his flexible style and one of a kind rhymes. He prides himself on having love for the 414 and the city definitely seems to share the sentiment. Continue reading beyond the break for a few songs that stuck with the site after listening to Quimby’s premiere.

“We Vibing”

The production here is of high quality. The piano element, upbeat tempo, pleasant background components, and feel good tone make for an enjoyable sound. The hook is nice as well. The delivery has a hint of melody to it and the lyrics are memorable. The verses are excellent. Quimby brings a calm collected flow, sharp wordplay, and first-class rhymes. He does a stand up job of putting on for the city and those in his inner circle. He spits: “Yo, I’m from the Mil-town. Feels like they left us. It seem like everybody is on except us. They didn’t accept us. We had to catch up. It ain’t no stopping us now. N—a we next up. Oh yeah we here now. So you can cheer now. We known for something way more than making beer now.” Cunning set of bars that Quimby put together right there. Overall, this song is a winner and an early favorite off of the tape.


The production here is suave. It contains a level bass, smooth musical ingredients, a middling pace, and a soothing vibe. The hook is sufficient. The delivery is pure and the lyrics are effortless. The verses are on ten. Quimby serves up a charming flow, witty wordplay, and raw rhymes. He highlights his time on the West Coast in an enticing manner while at the same time letting it be known that he has not forgotten his hometown. A few lines worth observing include: “Beautiful women and palm trees they got those. Hop on some b–ches. And cop some chicken from Roscoe’s. Thinking you hard. Them Cali n—as a pull ya card. N—a I’m a star. Put my name on the boulevard.” Very charismatic tone coming through those bars. All in all, this is another banger and one of the best cuts on the tape.


This record features a sample of “The Payback” by legendary singer James Brown in the production. It’s a straight forward yet fly beat. For those who may not be familiar with the song, Diddy also sampled the original for his girl group Total‘s smash single, “Can’t You See.” No hook is found on this track. Quimby just goes in with no breaks for almost a full three minutes. The ongoing rhyming is adequate. Quimby dishes out a speedy flow and viable lyrics. He gives the listener glimpses of his persona as well as shows off his aptitude on the mic. A couple of epic lines are: “Put us together. Whip ’em round in a pot. And drop the mothaf–king rock. What the f–k do you got? You got a mothaf–king problem. Coke without the can. Never whipping with the pot cause I was sicker with the pen. But since then been about my big bens like a Piston. N—as pissed cause they penny pinching. Waiting for a pension.” One can’t deny that Quimby came pretty strong in those lines. In the end, this is a boss offering.

**My Two Cents: Dare 2B Different is a four star mixtape. The production is of a great standard and the content is superior. Quimby has an undeniable flow and his bars are insane. This went way beyond my expectations for a debut project. He is worth all of the hype and then some. If he keeps at it, he is going to be snatching up the top spot in the game very soon. For more with the gifted emcee, check out his video for his single “SMH (So Many Haters).” It appears on the tape and entails a guest appearance from rapper JayR Da Prince. The visuals are a product of Steve White Films. Quimby can be found on the web here. -MinM

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