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Young Renz – “See Me Fall”

by Miracle

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“See Me Fall” (listen/download)

New artist alert. Readers meet Young Renz. Young Renz is a 21 year old talent from right here in the Mil-town. He officially stepped into the music world back in 2012 with his debut project, The Acceptance Letter.  He is passionate about his craft and about making a change in the world. So his goal with his music is to do just that. Through his drive and witty style Young Renz plans to leave a stamp on the world of Hip-Hop for people to remember him by for years to come. Currently, he is working on adding a sophomore release to his catalog labeled, City Of Dreams. The offering will be out later this year. However, two weeks ago Renz dropped a brief but banging single to whet his supporters’ appetites. The song is “See Me Fall” and it was produced by Elusive Orkestra.

The record opens with a clip from the classic hood movie Juice, starring the late Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps. The clip is from a scene where Pac goes on a very fired up rant after finding out via the news that one of his associates was killed during an attempted robbery. From there, the beat comes in full force. The production is hot. It is made up of a fierce knock, a middling tempo, and theatrical secondary elements. There is no hook present, just a brief reference to the title at the beginning of the track. Otherwise, Young Renz just rips the mic from start to finish. He brings an intriguing flow, quick wordplay, and top-shelf rhymes. He makes it very clear that he is standing firm in his position in this rap game, regardless of who may not like it. A couple of noteworthy lines include: “My grandfather died in 06. And ever since that day a n—a couldn’t tell me s–t. Nobody showed me love when I hit the scene. Til’ I put ’em all to sleep and s–tted on they dreams. Young n—a, don’t talk much. If you ain’t talking money then you lost us. I’m damn tired of teaching n—as so it’s time for y’all to get chalked up.” Fire bars with a strong punch being put forth by Young Renz. Overall, this is a dope record and a nice introduction to the 414 talent.

**My Two Cents: This is actually my second time hearing Young Renz do his thing. My first was his feature on the Steve White super track, “6th Man.” He closed out the record. I like Young Renz’s style. He’s got a serious street flair about him and his rhymes are valid. The raw Hip-Hop heads will appreciate him for sure. Go a little deeper with Renz by peeping him on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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