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Lerix – “Her Insane World”

by Miracle

Lerix - Her insane world (Photo By Band Camp)

“Her Insane World” (listen/download)

Towards the end of last month site regular Lerix dropped a new single off of his upcoming LP, Do As Infinity. The single is labeled, “Her Insane World” and is dedicated to the ladies. With the latest drama circulating within the Hip-Hop community thanks to Rick Ross and his controversial lyrics, figured it would be a breath of fresh air to share something a bit female friendly. Here is what Lerix mentioned about the track: “I wanted to show some love to women and let them know that with all the things they might endure in the world, they are truly appreciated.” And he did a stand up job. The production here is gratifying. The deep bass, light weight background ingredients, consistent rhythm, and settled vibe make for smooth listening. The hook is respectable. The delivery is graceful and the lyrics are charming. The verses are good-natured. Lerix serves up a flattering flow, thoughtful wordplay, and sincere rhymes. He conveys sympathy for the hardships that women face and at the same time advocates that they be treated better. He even admits that he himself has some things to work on in that area. A few memorable lines are: “Can I holla at my culture? Is this the way our mothers taught us? The same women that aline and support us; we turn around and treat ’em like whores on the tour bus. We call ’em dimes when we should be saying gorgeous. I guess a digit makes it easy to exploit them. Give ’em stats like we do the race horses. Broke self-esteem courtesy of ya fortune. When did we lose our minds? I don’t get it.” Dynamic meaning in those bars right there. As a whole, this song is a treasure and a wonderful gesture by Lerix.

**My Two Cents: It’s no secret that Lerix has become one of my faves over the past couple of years. This song is a great example of why. Not only is it a choice cut but it has an excellent purpose behind it as well. Everyone should definitely be clicking that link and hitting play. And that artwork is super nice too. Lerix promises more new music is on the way. Be sure to stay tuned into his website to avoid missing out. -MinM

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