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A Soulful Cleveland Songbird: Lorine Chia (Q&A)

by Miracle


“I love music and I’ve always been interested in learning how to create every bit of a song. I feel like if I can do that then I can do anything! Not a lot of females do that so it would definitely be noticed by everyone. Maybe then I can produce other people’s albums too.”Lorine Chia (On Learning To Create An Album From Scratch) / Lorine Chia is a multi-talented singer who was born in Banso, Cameroon (Africa). She was marked for music the day she entered this world as her father named her after his favorite African vocalist. Lorine and her family eventually came to the states and settled in Cleveland, OH. From there, Lorine was enveloped in music off and on through a variety of means as she grew up. She took part in everything from singing in the church to performing at school events. But it was her departure from college that would inspire her to take her abilities to the next level. She released her self-titled debut offering Lorine on Thanksgiving Day in 2012 and has been moving full speed ahead ever since. She’s received accolades from Complex Magazine and worked with luxury car company Mercedes-Benz. Dive deeper into the quaint singer’s story via her exclusive Q&A with The Illixer.

The Illixer: As you are fresh face to the music world, can you share a little bit about your musical journey thus far?

Lorine Chia: I’ve been making music for four years now. The first two years I would just make little songs on my camera with my guitar and post them on Facebook and tag everyone in it. The next year I started actually going to friends’ studios at their houses and recording myself. The last year I met my manager and created the Lorine album.

TI: Reading through your bio, you seemed to fall in and out of love with music for a bit. What was it that made you decide once and for all that music is something that you wanted to pursue?

LC: Just being away from school and actually putting my full attention on music. When I released Lorine that’s when I realized that this is my purpose.

TI: In what way does your cultural background impact your career?

LC: Growing up in an African household has taught me to stick to my morals and to be more mature & responsible. I feel like these things will help me make wise decisions throughout my career and the maturity comes out in my music.

TI: If you had to pick one artist that has had a major influence over your career, who would it be and why?

LC: Kanye West simply because he came into the industry and worked to make his dreams come true. Also, he created a new lane for artists. I look up to Kanye. I’m hoping I can achieve some of the things he has.

TI: How would you go about categorizing your style and sound?

LC: It’s like an Electro, Acid Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Soulful type of thing. Don’t really know what specific genre it falls into but I think those describe it well.

TI: Describe the process of putting together your debut project Lorine.

LC: I would go to the studio, go through beats, and whichever ones would stick to me the most I’d start writing to. Towards the end of making the project, I started making songs by playing simple chord progressions with the keys. That’s how “You’re Alright” was made.

TI: Why was “Crazy Things” selected over the other songs off of your mixtape for your first single and video?

LC: It’s the most upbeat song on it. I also felt like it would be a song that a lot of people relate to.

TI: What was it like having your music selected by Mercedes-Benz to use for their compilation for one of their campaigns?

LC: I don’t get too excited about things but I must say I was really happy about that. I didn’t even know Mercedes-Benz had a compilation so it was a surprise to me.

TI: What are some upcoming ventures that you have that people can keep an eye out for?

LC: A remastered version of Lorine is coming out soon with a lot of new songs. The first single will be featuring Tezo and there will be a lot of new videos coming.

**My Two Cents: Lorine Chia has a very interesting story and style. I like her voice a lot and I think she brings something new to the table. She is for sure paving her own way in the music world. As she continues to learn and grow in her craft, she will become a household name in no time. Take a moment to check out the visuals for her hit single “Crazy Things” above and find her on the web here. -MinM

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