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Strange Tang – “Know My Name”

by Miracle

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“Know My Name” (listen/download)

Eclectic duo Strange Tang has released a brand new track for their supporters to add to their Spring playlists. It is dubbed “Know My Name” and it was professionally mastered by Grammy award winning engineers Larry and Kevin Nix of L. Nix Mastering. So they pulled out the big guns for this one. And it was a smart move. The production here is awesome. It contains a clean bass, beautiful melodic musical components, a high spirited rhythm, and an upbeat vibe. The hook is proper. The vocals are kosher and the lyrics are intriguing. The verses are admirable. The vocals and flow are of a good quality. The content makes an impact. The twosome convey an uplifting message pertaining to: chasing dreams, being successful, and more. A couple of lines worth reciting are: “They told me to stay in school. Don’t play this fool. You got to play the star that you are. They’re going to know your name P. Question is will it be fame or infamy?” Short bars but there is a bit of substance to them. Overall, this song is a winner.

**My Two Cents: I thoroughly enjoyed this song. The tone and meaning behind it are great. The production was precise. And the content was very respectable. I’d even go so far as to say this is some of Strange Tang’s best work. But please take a few minutes to listen for yourself and see if you agree. Readers can interact with Strange Tang by following them on Twitter. -MinM

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