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Klassik – “ForeverWhatever” (Video)

by Miracle

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“ForeverWhatever” (listen/download)

Beloved 414 artist Klassik has once again raised the bar as it pertains to music videos. Last month, he dropped another set of visuals off of his award winning album, In The Making. The song he chose to give physical form to was “ForeverWhatever.” The record was produced by Klassik himself. It is a piano guided number with a graceful tone and excellent content. The following description was shared in relation to the single: the song “embodies many of the themes of In The Making, such as strong character, positivity, and perseverance triumphing over fads and gimmicks that diminishes the appreciation for the musical talent of indie artists like Klassik. The hook and title of the song explains that he’s been waiting for what seems to be forever to be heard!  The process of completing the album presented numerous obstacles and its success has gotten the proverbial monkey off Klassik’s back. He gives a signal of intent to finish the song by rapping ‘realize I won’t stop til everybody in here knows my name!'” For the video, Klassik linked back up with  Xavier Ruffin of Dopamine Production LLC. Readers can lay their eyes on the flick after the break.

This video takes place outdoors in Downtown Milwaukee with the art museum as it’s background. The location was chosen to represent the innovative nature of Klassik’s music. The plot focuses on Klassik interacting with his surroundings through whimsical movements and mannerisms. Additionally, he is joined by two dancers: Christopher DeAngelo Gilbert and Chloe Gray. They too indulge in very flexible and unconventional movements. The trio’s gestures are heightened by the effects of exaggeration and distortion. These elements are said to symbolize the sense of emancipation that Klassik felt upon overcoming the odds and completing his album. Sprinkled throughout the main scenes are shots of Klassik playing the piano. Towards the end of the video though, Klassik turns on the wonderful instrument and proceeds to demolish it with a sledge hammer. This is a gripping yet unexpected twist as the rest of the visual is pretty harmonious. But the piano was sacrificed for a purpose. It’s destruction serves as a metaphor of the burdens that came with finishing the album being lifted off of Klassik’s shoulders so to speak. As a whole, this was a fantastic effort.

**My Two Cents: This was such a joy to watch. The figurative concept was genius and the editing was incredible. Klassik and his team really knocked this one out of the park. Videos with any sort of substance are lacking these days, so when an artist like Klassik comes along with such a unique flick, it is truly appreciated. Readers for sure need to set aside four minutes to check this out. Readers can stay connected with Klassik by visiting his website. -MinM

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