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“ForeverWhatever” (listen/download)

Beloved 414 artist Klassik has once again raised the bar as it pertains to music videos. Last month, he dropped another set of visuals off of his award winning album, In The Making. The song he chose to give physical form to was “ForeverWhatever.” The record was produced by Klassik himself. It is a piano guided number with a graceful tone and excellent content. The following description was shared in relation to the single: the song “embodies many of the themes of In The Making, such as strong character, positivity, and perseverance triumphing over fads and gimmicks that diminishes the appreciation for the musical talent of indie artists like Klassik. The hook and title of the song explains that he’s been waiting for what seems to be forever to be heard!  The process of completing the album presented numerous obstacles and its success has gotten the proverbial monkey off Klassik’s back. He gives a signal of intent to finish the song by rapping ‘realize I won’t stop til everybody in here knows my name!'” For the video, Klassik linked back up with  Xavier Ruffin of Dopamine Production LLC. Readers can lay their eyes on the flick after the break.

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“Anything” (listen/download)

In The Making (preview/purchase)

On the heels of the success of his album In The Making, Milwaukee artist Klassik has bequeathed his fans with a fresh video. The visuals are for his song “Anything;” which was a breakout hit amongst his supporters and even earned him some award nominations. Thus the video fittingly debuted in a major way. It was premiered at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Union Art Gallery as part of the fall exhibit, Role Playback: A second look at creative music video production. Role Playback spotlights the creative joint processes that artists, videographers, directors, and set designers utilize in music video production. Covered processes include: stop-motion animation, kaleidoscopic choreography, and a variation of other techniques. More info can be found here. The exhibit runs until December 14th. Peep how Klassik’s hit single was turned into a short film masterpiece below.

(Photo By Band Camp)

In The Making (preview/purchase)

“Enemy/Inner Me” (previous review)

Milwaukee based artist Klassik released his much awaited album In The Making yesterday (9/25). The album boasts 17 fresh songs, guest appearances from some of Milwaukee’s other elite emcees like ¡OYE!, and esteemed production. Here is a little more info about the project: “Klassik’s goal with this album was to create a new genre of music. Boxing him into one particular genre wouldn’t do his expressions justice. He doesn’t settle in his artistic innovation. The genres and influences on In The Making come from musical legends of all realms including: Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, De La Soul, Kanye West, and Outkast. All of the songs written and produced by Klassik are completely original work. This project has come to life over the last three years as the artist has built a reputation for his eclectic work on numerous features and collaborations with major artists in the Milwaukee music scene. (Press Release).” So did Klassik make the best of the past 36 months? Click the jump to find out.