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Proph, Klassik, & RageLife Present: The Rager

by Miracle

The Rager Flyer 12.22 BBC MKE(Photo By Klass Act Production LLC)

What better way to end the year than with a celebration of Hip-Hop featuring some of Milwaukee’s most elite emcees? Well this weekend, people will get the chance to do just that. Artists Proph, Klassik, and ¡OYE! (RageLife) are all coming together under one roof to celebrate all of their amazing musical accomplishments that taken place this year.  Proph dropped Wool Over My Eyes and expanded his brand to the West Coast by moving to Los Angeles.  Klassik released his debut project In The Making which has been extremely successful to the point of making him an official award winning artist. And ¡OYE! elevated his touring game and has embarked on a new aspect of his career which will see him teaming up with fellow music personalities Phonetic1 and DJ *hitmayng to form the group RageLife. They will make their Milwaukee debut at the event and drop their premiere project in 2013. So there is a lot to be excited about.

The event has been intriguingly titled, The Rager and is being held at G-Daddy’s BBC Bar and Grill. It takes place on Saturday (12/22). Doors open at 9pm, there is a $5 cover, and DJ *hitmayng will be pulling double duty as he will be holding down the one’s and two’s. It is promising to be one of the livest Hip-Hop events of the year. The fellas want everybody to come prepared to rage and have one more wild night before the holidays hit next week.

**My Two Cents: This is going to be an epic event. I love the fact that so many big names are coming together to represent for the city. And all of the artists involved really did have an impressive year. So they deserve to have a night in their honor. If readers have the opportunity, they should definitely step out and support on Saturday. It will be $5 well spent. -MinM

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