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Klassik – “Anything”

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

“Anything” (listen/download)

Klassik is going strong with the promotional campaign for his upcoming album, In The Making. He has dropped another single off of the pending full length LP. This time around he chose a song called “Anything.” It is probably one of his most versatile offerings yet. It reflects not only his spitting abilities but his singing talents too. And the song is said to be influenced by true events. All very interesting elements. The production here is impeccable. It entails a centered bass, gorgeous instrumentation, a groovy rhythm, and a soothing vibe. The hook is nice too. The vocals are graceful and blend smoothly with the beat. The lyrics are good. The verses are rich. Klassik presents an eccentric melodic flow, sleek wordplay, and top-shelf rhymes.

He eloquently expresses his thoughts to the special lady in his life about the nature of their relationship. He opens up: “Believe I am nothing without all of this pain and ugliness. And you’re just too damn gorgeous for me to even put you up on this. So it’s gone take some adjustments. But it would be unjust if I did you this injustice. And told you I could love again. I’m sure it will happen one day. But babygirl right now I’m living that life. When you living that life cause you living that right. And you living at right. Somebody get … left.” Deep sentiments expressed in a clever manner right there. Overall, this is a winning track. Klassik really handled his business on this one.

**My Two Cents: This is my favorite Klassik cut so far! He really switched things up. Additionally, the overall tone of the song is super appealing. And everything was favorably packaged. The album is shaping up to be something serious. Readers should definitely give this cut a few spins. On another note, Klassik is planning an album release event for October 5th at G-Daddy’s BBC Bar and Grill. More info will be made available as it is released. In The Making drops September 25th, stay tuned! -MinM

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