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Kal’L – “She Got Away”

by Miracle

(Photo By Kal’L)


Kal’L is a busy man. He just welcomed a new life into his family, owned his first ever event, is working on a collaboration month, and more. But he still managed to drop a new single for those following the two week campaign. Gotta respect the hustle. The newest release is entitled “She Got Away.” Here is what Kal had to say about the song: “If you’ve EVER let the person of your dreams slip through your fingers … If you’ve ever appreciated someone when it was too late … If you’ve ever seen the person you feel you were supposed to be with and they’re happy with someone else … This track is for you!” Sounds like this one is going to be deep.

The production here is super clean. It entails a slight knock, soft components, and a serene tone. The hook is proper. The vocals are skillfully executed. The lyrics are forthright. The verses are noble. Kal’L exhibits fresh vocals with familiar and reflective lyrics. He pens the common tale of running into an old flame and regretfully realizing that they may have been the one. Some alluring lines include: “After so many years, I just saw someone who should have been the love of my life. I must admit we were just kids when we thought we had love. But there’s just something about her that’s kept her in my mind. Could it be her brown eyes? Could it be her five foot frame? Could it be the way she smiles at me? Or could it be the fullness in her kiss I should blame?” Very poignant words right there. All in all, this track is a triumph. It was smartly assembled and the topic is one that people will definitely gravitate towards.

**My Two Cents: This was an enjoyable number. The beat is one of my favorites so far and the content was presented in a very real manner. Like anyone could easily see Kal going through the situation or place themselves in it. Stay tuned for the next release from the colorful singer. Might have to share one of his cover videos with readers. Those are pretty sick too. And word has it that he might be dropping an EP around October. That is going to be something to add to the collection. Who knows what else he will cook up in the mean time? Try to keep up by liking his page on Facebook and following him on Twitter. -MinM

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Queen SaSSy September 3, 2012 - 2:22 pm

Very SMOOOOVE!! Love the tone of his melodic voice…great beat…and Universal Concept….GREAT JOB!!!


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