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Klassik – “Anything” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Louis DeFino)

“Anything” (listen/download)

In The Making (preview/purchase)

On the heels of the success of his album In The Making, Milwaukee artist Klassik has bequeathed his fans with a fresh video. The visuals are for his song “Anything;” which was a breakout hit amongst his supporters and even earned him some award nominations. Thus the video fittingly debuted in a major way. It was premiered at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Union Art Gallery as part of the fall exhibit, Role Playback: A second look at creative music video production. Role Playback spotlights the creative joint processes that artists, videographers, directors, and set designers utilize in music video production. Covered processes include: stop-motion animation, kaleidoscopic choreography, and a variation of other techniques. More info can be found here. The exhibit runs until December 14th. Peep how Klassik’s hit single was turned into a short film masterpiece below.


This project was handled by Xavier Ruffin of Dopamine Production LLC. It stars Klassik, an eccentric young lady by the name of Olivia Blue, and Klassik’s bodyguard Biggs. The storyline begins with Klassik treating Olivia to what appears to be a romantic dinner date of some sort. It’s in a quaint abandoned setting with wine and candlelight. Once the two are settled in, Klassik cues up his single on an iPod. After it begins to play, Olivia realizes that their outing is not a sweet gesture but a breakup. She reacts angrily at first but with the intervention of Biggs and a little fresh air; she comes to terms with the situation. The series of events is all carried out via brilliant special effects by Ruffin. He utilizes everything from subtitles to cartoon style animation. The piece concludes with Klassik blowing out the candle and a series of end credits. Overall, this was a five star video.

**My Two Cents: This is one of the best videos if not the best video that I have seen all year. The acting was superb, Klassik especially did his thing. And the techniques used by Ruffin were genius. This was a really artistic offering and it certainly did the song justice and more. My hats off to Klassik and his team. Readers can find Klassik here. -MinM

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