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¡OYE! – “Light Up”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Light Up” (listen/download)

A good chunk of time has passed since we last checked in with Milwaukee rapper ¡OYE!. He has been a pretty busy individual these past few months. He’s been on tour opening up for acts like Mac Miller, preparing to graduate from UW-Madison, and is getting ready to spring a new project. The project is a joint effort between ¡OYE!, Phonetic1, and DJ *hitmayng. It will be titled Ragelife and is scheduled to hit the net on December 8th. ¡OYE! and his team decided to share a few singles off of the pending release to help build excitement. The most recent being a track named “Light Up.” The track makes for ¡OYE!’s premiere production collaboration with fellow emcee Klassik. The duo did an impressive job.

The production here is fierce. It takes on a Rock meets Soul type of style. There is no hook on this record. Just a brief mention of the song’s title in the background vocals. The verse is satisfactory. ¡OYE! brings a commanding flow, trendy wordplay, and inventive rhymes. When he sent over the track, he stated that it’s purpose was to serve as a: “lyrical exercise explaining the everyday process of finding the light.” Pretty arresting concept right there. A few lines worth remembering are: “Roll down the window so you see us much clearer. Puerto Rican flag hang from my rear-view mirror. Turn it up. Bass bang like the NRA. (…) Let ’em hate another day. Ya lady hit my line and all I said was thank ya. She asks what’s on my mind and then I tell her like a banker. I been plotting on that paper, girl.” Sharply crafted material in those words. Overall, this was a lofty effort.

**My Two Cents: This track was certainly something different. I liked it a lot and am really fond of the sound that ¡OYE! and Klassik came up with. Don’t forget Ragelife is coming December 8th. It should also be noted that ¡OYE! has an event taking place at G-Daddy’s BBC Bar & Grill on December 22nd. Follow ¡OYE! on Twitter to keep up with all of the future details. -MinM

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